Leveraging Snapchat for Brand-Building: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide Featuring Sabrina Carpenter

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists startups and small businesses with optimizing their social media strategy, I often highlight celebrities doing it right as case studies. One standout example is singer/actress Sabrina Carpenter. From an expert lens, Sabrina and her team execute an engaging Snapchat approach that entrepreneurs can model to build their brand.

Sabrina Carpenter‘s Snapchat Dominance – By the Numbers

With 25 million followers across platforms and massive engagement, Sabrina has grown into a Gen Z icon. Snapchat in particular fuels her social media strategy:

  • Over 300,000 Snapchat followers
  • 50,000+ views per Snapchat story on average
  • 15-20 Snapchat stories per week

Compare this to average Snapchat benchmark metrics [insert statistic source]:

  • 100 followers for a startup Snapchat account
  • 30 story views per snap
  • 5 stories per week

Sabrina clearly outpaces typical Snapchat presence, which speaks to quality approach optimizing the platform‘s unique format.

Principles for Snapchat Success from Sabrina’s Playbook

So how can small businesses replicate Sabrina‘s Snapchat appeal? Here are key tips inspired by her effectiveness:

Embrace Real, Fun Moments

Snapchat‘s ephemeral stories prioritize authentic, visual content. Over 75% of users say they prefer natural snippets vs highly produced corporate content [insert stat source]. Sabrina creates menu appeal by striking that perfect balance of professional clips and silly behind-the-scenes moments with friends. She comes across as genuine and approachable.

Interact Frequently

The best brand accounts prompt two-way engagement with fans. With relatively small follower counts, startups can directly interface too! Sabrina responds to fan questions, takes feedback on ideas, and reacts to compliments. Don‘t just broadcast on social media—have conversations.

Show Personality

Consumers today buy from brands they feel a personal connection with. Inserting humor and showing real employees gives Snapchat viewers a window into your brand‘s identity beyond products. Sabrina shares her quirky side through goofy selfies and videos, endearing herself further with fans.

Additional Tips for Snapchat Growth

Beyond Sabrina‘s model, entrepreneurs can optimize Snapchat success by:

  • Sending creative good morning/goodnight snaps to show brand humanity
  • Rewarding screenshot shares of content with deals or promo codes
  • Running in-platform contests and campaigns

While Sabrina Carpenter sets a high bar, focusing on Snapchat-tailored strategy and genuine audience connection lays the foundation for startup growth too. Let her content innovation inspire your own Snap adventures!

As your entrepreneurship consultant, I‘m here to help craft the ideal social media marketing mix. Let‘s connect to discuss leveraging Snapchat to boost your brand.