Demystifying Snapchat‘s Quick Add Feature

As a small business owner trying to leverage Snapchat to reach new audiences, you may be wondering — what is Quick Add, and how does it really work? As a social media consultant who assists entrepreneurs with optimizing their platforms, let me break it down for you…

What is Quick Add?

A shortcut to expand your Snapchat connections.

Snapchat‘s Quick Add feature appears in the Add Friends tab and suggests other users you may know or want to add. Powered by Snapchat‘s proprietary algorithm, it provides friend recommendations based on factors like:

  • Mutual friends/connections
  • Shared interests and habits on Snapchat
  • Device contacts/phone number
  • Location data (if sharing enabled)
  • Interactions between users on Snapchat

Quick Add allows you to easily discover and connect with new Snapchat users beyond just searching usernames or Snapcodes.

How Does The Snapchat Algorithm Work?

Snapchat does not publicly share details on exactly how its algorithm determines Quick Add suggestions to protect user privacy.

However, we know factors like your friend graph, interests, demographics, and location data play a role if you have it enabled.

As a Snapchat user interacts more by viewing Stories, sending Snaps, using lenses/filters, etc. — the algorithm gets better at serving recommendations.

Fun Fact: Over 90% of Snapchat‘s daily active users engage with augmented reality lenses and filters. This fuels data for Quick Add!

Overall, the Quick Add algorithm aims to connect people who may know each other or share interests — not strangers.

Pros and Cons of Quick Add

From a business perspective, here are some notable pros and cons of leveraging Quick Add:


  • Accelerate making connections
  • Discover users similar to your customers
  • Increase Snap score which signals engagement


  • Privacy concerns around data usage
  • Can‘t control exact targeting
  • Annoying notifications if enabled

While Quick Add provides a level of convenience discovering potential new connections, every business should carefully evaluate if the feature aligns with their social strategy before utilizing it.

Customizing Your Quick Add Experience

If you do leverage Quick Add, it‘s important to understand how to manage settings around notifications and suggestions:

Controlling Notifications

To limit notifications go to Settings > Manage > Push Notifications. From there, toggle off "Friend Suggestions."

Approving + Blocking Suggestions

To refine suggestions, press and hold on a recommendation then select "Remove" to block them from showing again. You can also select "Add" to confirm connecting.

Who Can Find Me

Under "Who Can Find Me", toggle settings like visibility in Quick Add and contact syncing to limit finding based on factors like name or number.

Final Tips for Using Quick Add

While Quick Add saves time finding potential connections, exercise caution when connecting with new Snapchat users:

  • Only add people you know and trust from real life
  • Thoroughly review profiles before clicking that add button
  • Limit location services and personal data sharing with strangers

Think critically before connecting. Every user added impacts your business visibility, engagement, and overall Snapchat algorithm.

At the end of the day, growing your genuine Snapchat community in alignment with business goals matters far more than snap score or using shortcuts hoping for viral fame. Trust that slow and steady relationship building is key 🌱😊

Let me know if you have any other questions!