What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales tool designed specifically for LinkedIn users to help them identify, connect with, and close more deals with prospects. It provides advanced searching, filtering, and insights to streamline prospecting and pipeline management.

Some key features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator include:

Advanced Search and Filters

Sales Navigator allows you to search for prospects on LinkedIn using advanced filters like location, company size, job title, and more. You can save these filtered searches and get notifications when new prospects matching your criteria appear.

Insights and News Alerts

See real-time alerts when the accounts and leads you follow get mentioned in the news or make changes to their LinkedIn profiles. This helps you identify opportunities and reach out at just the right time.


Leverage your coworkers‘ networks through introductions using TeamLink. See all your connections to an account in one place.

Relationship Building Tools

Sales Navigator makes it easier to build relationships with prospects by seeing your recent conversations and engagement history at a glance. Features like InMail also allow you to directly message prospects you‘re not connected to.

CRM Integrations

Sync your LinkedIn data and activity seamlessly with leading CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics so all prospect information flows into one system.

Lead Recommendations

Sales Navigator will recommend new leads for you to prioritize based on criteria like past searches, prospect engagement, and account similarity.

Sales Navigator provides numerous advantages, including:

More Relevant Leads

The advanced search filters and lead recommendations allow you to quickly identify more promising, sales-ready prospects that closely match your ideal customer profile.

Increased Efficiency

By integrating with your CRM and providing prospect alerts and updates, Sales Navigator eliminates manual busywork so you can focus on selling.

Enhanced Prospect Outreach

Leverage insights into prospects’ interests and pain points for more personalized outreach. Features like saved lead lists also help you organize and track all prospect communication.

Stronger Prospect Relationships

Sales Navigator helps you strengthen relationships with prospects by allowing you to easily surface common ground, ask teammates for introductions, and continue conversations from past interactions.

Higher Quality Pipeline

Better leads and improved prospect relationships lead to higher conversion rates and an overall healthier pipeline with more opportunities that are likely to close.

LinkedIn Sales navigator excels in these key selling scenarios:

New Customer Prospecting

Easily identify and vet new prospects that match your buyer persona using advanced filters and lead recommendations. Quickly surface key information to personalize your outreach.

Expanding Existing Accounts

Sales Navigator makes it easy to identify key decision makers and uncover cross-selling opportunities within your current customers by surfacing new contacts and changes happening within their business.

Competitive Displacement

Use Sales Navigator’s company and contact search tools to identify prospects from competitors whose needs may be better met by your offering.

In summary, LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates directly with LinkedIn to provide sales professionals a powerful set of tools to search, qualify, connect with, and manage more prospects efficiently and effectively in order to drive increased pipeline and revenue. It is highly valuable for modern sales teams looking to maximize their LinkedIn presence.