What is Fanhouse App? The Ultimate Guide for Creators (Updated for 2023)

So you‘re interested in joining Fanhouse? As a fellow small business owner, I‘m excited to provide an in-depth look at how this platform works and its potential for creators like you.

What Exactly is Fanhouse?

Launched in 2021, Fanhouse bills itself as a "next-generation" platform where creators can monetize their content by building subscription fan clubs. Often compared to OnlyFans, a key difference is that adult content is prohibited on Fanhouse.

Instead, Fanhouse targets creators like:

  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Influencers
  • Streamers
  • Fitness trainers
  • Chefs
  • Crafters
  • And more!

Essentially, if you create any type of digital content and want to foster deeper fan connections, Fanhouse provides the tools to turn your skills into a business.

A Quick Look at Fanhouse‘s Key Features

Based on my research, here are some of the core features Fanhouse offers to help creators monetize and engage fans:

  • Creator profiles – Build an attractive profile to showcase your work, personality and build your brand.
  • Subscriber model – Fans pay a monthly fee (set by you) to subscribe and access private content.
  • Messaging – Chat 1-on-1 with subscribers to build relationships.
  • Multimedia posting – Share exclusive photos, videos, audio files, text posts, and more.
  • Custom requests – Fans pay extra to commission personalized content.
  • Built-in monetization – Get paid subscription revenue, tips, pay-per-view earnings seamlessly.
  • Marketing tools – Promote your Fanhouse across social media.
  • Analytics – View in-depth data on your subscribers, content, earnings.
  • Low fees – Fanhouse only takes a 10% cut, you earn 90% of revenue.

A Deep Dive Into Fanhouse‘s Main Monetization Paths

There are a few primary ways creators can leverage Fanhouse to start earning:

This is the core monetization model. Fans pay a monthly fee (set by you from $3-$50) to subscribe to your Fanhouse and access private content.

  • For example, a musician could charge $10/month for fans to access concert recordings, unreleased songs, etc.

According to leaks, top Fanhouse creators are earning over $20k a month from subscriptions. But it takes consistency and marketing to build an audience willing to pay.

Lock Certain Content

You can easily lock posts behind a paywall so only paying subscribers can view. This encourages non-subscribers to upgrade for exclusive access.

  • A fitness trainer may lock certain workout videos or meal plans to incentivize subscriptions.

Receive Direct Tips

Fans can send tips to support you or show appreciation for specific content. You receive 100% of tips directly.

  • A streamer may get tipped by a fan after an entertaining livestream session.

Let fans pay to commission personalized content like custom videos, audio messages, graphic designs and more. This gives them value while earning you income.

  • For example, an artist could take paid requests to draw individual fan portraits.

Direct Messaging

Paid subscribers can message you directly for a more personal experience. Nurturing these 1-on-1 connections helps retain long-term subscribers.

How Fanhouse Compares to Other Creator Platforms

Based on my analysis, here‘s how Fanhouse stacks up to competitors like OnlyFans and Patreon:


  • Fanhouse: 10%
  • OnlyFans: 20%
  • Patreon: 5-12%

Allowed Content

  • Fanhouse: No adult content
  • OnlyFans: Adult content allowed
  • Patreon: SFW content

Key Focus

  • Fanhouse: Fostering creator-fan connections
  • OnlyFans: Adult content monetization
  • Patreon: Funding creator work

Fanhouse strikes a great balance by allowing creators to monetize content while building meaningful fan communities.

Is Fanhouse Right for You? My Advice as a Business Consultant

While results vary, I believe Fanhouse is a viable income stream worth considering if you are:

  • Willing to consistently produce content – You must post regularly to retain subscriber interest. Start with a sustainable schedule that avoids burnout.
  • Comfortable marketing yourself – Successful creators self-promote across social media to drive traffic to their Fanhouse. Don‘t be afraid to share previews natively on TikTok, IG, YouTube and leverage influencer collaborations.
  • Open to interacting with fans – Subscribers expect some level of personal interaction like DMs or feedback. If you enjoy engaging with fans, you‘ll thrive.
  • Ready to provide subscriber value – Focus on how you can over-deliver for paid members. Give them ample value beyond feed content, like offerings exclusive Discord access, products, etc.

Understanding Fanhouse‘s monetization models and preparing yourself for the work required will set you up for the greatest chance of earning sustainable income from your skills and passions.

Ready to Give Fanhouse a Try?

I hope this detailed walkthrough gave you a transparent look at how Fanhouse works and its potential for creators. My advice is to approach it as you would any business venture – with consistent effort, smart marketing, and always focusing on the value you provide.

The platform offers tools to turn your talents into profits by cultivating a paid community of engaged fans. If you strategize appropriately and leverage the tips above, Fanhouse has the potential to become a fulfilling and lucrative monetization stream.