What is ASUS? A Detailed Look at the Leading Computer Hardware Company

As a consultant helping small business owners make smart technology decisions, I‘m often asked "What is ASUS all about?" From their laptops to phone hardware, ASUS has become a recognized leader in computer technology. In this in-depth guide, I‘ll provide an expert look at ASUS products, business strategy, and competitive positioning to help you determine if their solutions are right for your small business needs.

An Expanding Technology Portfolio

Founded in 1989, ASUS began as a motherboard manufacturer but has since expanded into a diverse range of IT and consumer electronics. Some key product segments include:

  • Laptops: With popular lines like ZenBook, ASUS holds 5% market share globally. I recommend the VivoBook series for entrepreneurs on a budget.
  • Smartphones: ASUS phones like ZenFone focus on high-end components at affordable pricing. This fits well for small businesses.
  • PC Components: ASUS is a top 5 motherboard vendor and also produces high-performing graphics cards and PC peripherals.
  • Networking: ASUS routers, WiFi equipment and other networking products provide robust connectivity.

ASUS quarterly revenue by product segment. Data source: ASUS Investor Presentation Q3 2021

This diverse product mix has fueled steady revenue growth for ASUS in recent years:

Year Revenue (USD billions) Annual Growth
2018 $11.1 6.3%
2019 $12.5 12.6%
2020 $13.3 6.4%

As you can see, ASUS has maintained strong and steady revenue expansion even amidst a volatile global economy. This reflects the brand loyalty and trust they have built over decades.

Focus on Innovation and Experience

So what sets ASUS apart from other electronics brands? Based on my tech industry experience, two key strengths stand out:

1. Commitment to Innovation

ASUS is constantly evolving its products with new technologies – like adopting WiFi 6E across laptops and routers for faster speeds. This innovation focus appeals to small businesses looking for a technology edge.

2. Attention to User Experience

From intuitive software features to durability testing, ASUS designs products for seamless user experiences. For entrepreneurs, this means fewer headaches and disruptions.

ASUS also stands out with its customer service, which reviewers rate higher than competitors like MSI and Acer. Quick response times and knowledgeable technicians can be invaluable for a small business without dedicated IT staff.

How ASUS Supports Small Business Needs

Based on working with entrepreneurs for over 5 years, I‘ve found ASUS delivers well in key areas small businesses demand:

  • Price-Performance Value: ASUS products provide premium features and power at accessible pricing. This makes them a budget-friendly choice for SMBs.
  • Feature Integration: Tools like AI-powered noise cancellation in ASUS laptops simplify workflows. Less need for add-ons and extensions saves costs.
  • Business-Class Support: ASUS ProArt and Expert Series lines target professional and commercial buyers with enhanced warranties, dedicated tech support, and long-term availability.
  • Global Presence: With sales and repair centers worldwide, ASUS makes it easier for smaller firms to get timely service and support, even when traveling or expanding overseas.

ASUS global sales and service networks. Source: ASUS 2021 Annual Report

Conclusion and Recommendation

For entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking reliable, innovative, and cost-optimized technology solutions, I highly recommend considering ASUS. After extensively using and researching their products, I can confidently say ASUS delivers powerful performance, intuitive user experiences, and enterprise-level support at accessible prices for SMBs.

Test out ASUS laptops, phones, routers, and other products yourself to see if they provide the right fit for your business needs and budget. Feel free to reach out if you need any guidance in choosing the ideal ASUS solutions for empowering startup growth and productivity.