Demystifying the Snapchat Acronym “WTM”: An SMB Guide

As a consultant to small and mid-sized business owners navigating social media, I’m often asked to decipher the latest platform slang and acronyms. One query I receive constantly is: “What does WTM mean on Snapchat?”

With over 90% of Snapchat’s 293 million daily active users under the age of 30 (Business of Apps, 2023), understanding shorthand like “WTM” is key for SMBs targeting young demographics.

In this comprehensive guide tailored to fellow entrepreneurs, I’ll use my decade-plus of social media consulting experience to explain precisely what WTM means on Snapchat and why it matters for your marketing approach.

“WTM” Stands For “What’s The Move”

The most common definition of Snapchat‘s "WTM" is “What’s The Move.” This slang term is used conversationally to ask about someone’s availability, find out what‘s happening socially, or gauge interest in making plans.

For example, your customers might use phrases like:

  • "WTM later?”
  • "WTM this weekend? Anything fun going on?"
  • "A few people are coming over to hang out. WTM?"

Think of "WTM" as a casual, Generation Z way of saying "What are you up to?" or "Want to hang out?".

According to an Iowa State University 2021 survey, 87% of current Snapchat users understand that “WTM” in conversational context means “What’s The Move?” (Ruthmann, 2021). So for SMBs active on Snapchat, it’s key to recognize.

Alternative Meanings of “WTM”

While “What’s The Move” is the primary definition, "WTM" has a few alternative meanings depending on context, including:

“What’s The Matter” – Used to ask if someone is alright or upset over something

“Whatever That Means” – Said sarcastically when confused or dismissive

“Want To Meet” – Asking directly if someone wants to meet up (less common)

Snapchat conversations rely heavily on contextual clues. Listen for tone and topic when interpreting an acronym like “WTM” to avoid confusion.

Real-Life Examples of Snapchat “WTM” Usage

How exactly is “WTM” used in Snapchat conversations? Here are some examples in context:

Asking about someone‘s availability

Friend: "WTM later?"

You: "I‘m free after 5!"

Gauging interest in an event

Friend: "There‘s a concert tonight downtown. WTM?"

You: "I‘m so there! What time‘s it start?"

Casually asking about weekend plans

Friend: "Any fun plans this weekend? WTM?"

You: "Not really so far! WTM yourself?"

Why "WTM" Matters For SMB Marketing Strategies

As an SMB owner myself, I recognize how vital conversing authentically with our young target demographic is for branding and engagement.

92% of Gen Z respondents say supporting brands that understand them is important (Ypulse, 2022).

Using widely-recognized slang like “WTM” in social media communication indicates to youth that we speak their language – building crucial cultural relevance.

Tips For Organically Incorporating “WTM”

Respond to comments/DMs: If a follower asks “WTM tonight?” or similar on a post, jump in conversationally! This builds approachability.

Poll Stories engagement: Post poll stickers asking “WTM this weekend?” to spark responses. React to answers in your Story with relevant info.

Hashtag usage: Follow trending event hashtags where you may spot “WTM” usage to guide your interaction.

While “WTM” started on Snapchat, its usage now spans platforms and demographics. Staying on top of popular slang keeps our branding culturally current across digital spaces.

Key Takeaways About Snapchat‘s "WTM"

To recap this comprehensive guide on deciphering the Snapchat acronym “WTM”:

  • “WTM” predominantly stands for “What’s The Move” – asking about someone‘s availability and plans in a casual conversational tone
  • Pay attention to context clues in Snapchat conversations to interpret alternative meanings like "What‘s The Matter‘‘ or conveyance of confusion
  • Understanding and appropriately using widely-adopted youth slang like “WTM” allows SMBs to converse authentically and boost relevance with Gen Z audiences

As both a small business owner and social media consultant for over a decade, I‘m always happy to help entrepreneurs navigate emerging platform terminology to optimize their branding and engagement strategies.

Hopefully this guide gave you a clear understanding of exactly what “WTM” means on Snapchat and why mastering these conversational acronyms matters. Feel free to reach out with any other questions!