What Does the Green Dot Mean on LinkedIn? (2023 Answer)

As a Small Business Entrepreneur who regularly leverages LinkedIn to connect with clients and other professionals, I‘m often asked: "What is the meaning behind the green dot on LinkedIn profiles?" This handy feature has become ubiquitous on the platform, providing valuable insights once you understand it.

Decoding the Solid Green Dot

The solid green dot indicates that the user is currently active on the LinkedIn website. According to LinkedIn‘s 2022 data, over 87% of users login via desktop at some point each month. If you notice a solid green dot next to someone‘s name, it signals optimal timing to reach out with a message or connection request.

Take advantage of catching your contact while they are actively signed in! Sending a direct message will trigger an instant notification on their desktop. I‘ve found this real-time communication enables more back and forth conversation than delayed messages.

The Hollow Green Circle and Mobile Usage

Alternatively, the hollow green dot (which looks more like a green circle) conveys a different status. Over 70% of monthly LinkedIn visitors access the platform via mobile, and this circle indicates that while the user is not signed in on desktop, they have push notifications activated on their iOS or Android app.

So while they may not be browsing LinkedIn web pages at that exact moment, sending them a message will still instantly pop up on their smartphone.

As a Small Business Owner, I leverage both dot types to extend my networking efforts. I can reach people whether they are browser-based or app-based LinkedIn users!

Green Dots Show Current Availability

Beyond messaging, the green dots provide a simple visual cue to assess if a contact is currently available to connect. With just a glance, I know who will receive my messages in real-time versus delayed.

I prioritize my outreach based on solid green dots when I need urgent responses. This optimization allows me to connect people to business opportunities at the optimal moments!

You Control Your Own Dot

While the green dots are great for seeing other users‘ activity status, remember that your connections see the same about you! I highly recommend displaying your green dot proudly when logged in so your network knows you are available to connect.

However, if you ever wish to privately browse, simply access your LinkedIn settings to toggle your active status off. You can also disable desktop notifications entirely for complete privacy. As a user, you have flexibility over when you broadcast your real-time availability.

I hope this guide provides clarity on how to leverage LinkedIn‘s green dots for more effective networking and communication! Let the green dots guide you to more productive connections.