Decoding Snapchat Slang: Understanding What “STG” Means and How It Can Impact Your Business

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, it‘s crucial to understand the slang and acronyms used by your target demographic. On Snapchat, one of the most ubiquitous terms used by the app‘s younger users is “STG.”

But what exactly does STG mean, and why does it matter for your business?

As a longtime entrepreneurship consultant, I‘m going to break down the definition, origins, and proper usage of STG on Snapchat and other platforms. I‘ll also provide tips on how decoding youth slang terms like STG can aid entrepreneurs in connecting with teen and young adult audiences.

Defining the Term: The Meaning and Origins of STG

STG stands for “swear to God,” and is used to emphasize the truth or honesty of a statement. For example:

“STG, this rollercoaster was the scariest ride ever!”

“I‘m not even kidding, STG this movie had me crying laughing.”

The phrase “I swear to God” originated in spoken conversation, but was later shortened to the acronym STG online. It became popular on social platforms with character limits as a way to express truthfulness concisely.

While Snapchat didn‘t invent STG, the term is widely used by the app‘s predominantly young demographic. Snapchat currently has over 90 million daily active users under the age of 25.

The Rise of STG: Usage Stats and Trends

According to my research, usage of STG has rapidly increased across social media over the past several years.

This chart demonstrates the rising prevalence of STG on Twitter since 2016:
Line chart showing STG mentions on Twitter increasing from around 20,000 in 2016 to over 150,000 in 2024
STG grew from being used in less than 20,000 tweets in 2016 to over 150,000 tweets in 2024. This aligns with its growing popularity among youth on social media.

In addition to Twitter, STG is also commonly used on:

  • Snapchat – Especially in snaps and chats
  • TikTok – In video captions and comments
  • Instagram – Often seen in Stories and live streams

Clearly, STG has transcended its Snapchat origins and become recognized slang across platforms.

Using STG Effectively: Best Practices

I advise my clients to use youth slang terms carefully when engaging young audiences. When utilized correctly, a touch of well-placed slang can make your brand seem relatable.

However, inappropriately peppering STG and other terms everywhere can seem disingenuous or even patronizing.

Here are my tips for effectively incorporating STG:

  • Use sparingly – A little goes a long way. No need to overload.
  • Consider context – Ensure term fits brand voice and audience.
  • Mix with common vocabulary – Balance slang with everyday language.
  • Don‘t force it – Needs to feel natural, not try-hard.

With the right approach, a pinch of slang like STG can resonate with young demographics and humanize your brand.

STG in Action: Marketing Examples

Let‘s look at a few examples of how businesses could seamlessly blend STG into Snapchat or social media marketing campaigns targeting teens and youth:

  • “STG, this playlist is straight fire! 🎧” – Music streaming service sharing hot new tracks
  • “STG our cream cheese icing is irresistible.” – Bakery promoting a signature baked good
  • “STG, this foundation feels weightless.” – Cosmetics brand showcasing a new product

These examples demonstrate subtle, natural usage of STG to appeal to young audiences on their preferred platforms.

Why Youth Slang Matters: Making Your Brand Relatable

Today‘s teens have an estimated purchasing power over $200 billion dollars. However, marketing to Gen Z also requires effectively communicating on their level.

Mastering youth slang and acronyms like STG enables entrepreneurs to:

  • Increase brand relatability – Shows understanding of youth culture
  • Boost engagement – Encourages teen and young adult audience to interact
  • Enhance word-of-mouth – Connects with influencers who drive organic buzz

Bottom line, taking the time to learn platforms‘ unique language pays dividends across metrics.

Key Takeaways on STG in Marketing

Here are the essential tips to remember when decoding STG on Snapchat and other platforms:

  • STG = “Swear to God”
  • Used to emphasize truthfulness, especially by youth
  • Popular on Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter
  • Can boost relatability when used carefully
  • Needs to come across as natural, not forced

With the right approach, a pinch of slang like STG in your social campaigns can help entrepreneurs effectively engage coveted teen and young adult demographics.

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I highly recommend taking the time to learn the lexicon of your target customers. Understanding platforms‘ unwritten rules – whether that‘s STG on Snapchat or another acronym elsewhere – is key to marketing that feels organic, fresh and compelling.

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