What Does "ONB" Mean on Snapchat? An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a consultant who advises small business owners on social media strategy, I often get asked: "What does ONB mean on Snapchat?"

ONB is a popular slang abbreviation used on Snapchat and other platforms. For entrepreneurs trying to engage teen and young adult demographics, understanding terms like ONB is key to communicating effectively.

Here’s my perspective on the meaning, use cases, and marketing potential of ONB for business owners navigating Snapchat.

What Does ONB Stand For?

ONB stands for “Old News, Bro” or “Oh No Baby.” It’s used to indicate something is irrelevant, boring, or no longer interesting.

For example:

  • A friend shares an article you read last week – you can reply “ONB” to indicate it’s old news.
  • Someone shares an unflattering selfie – you can teasingly comment “ONB” to express playful disapproval.

ONB Use Cases on Snapchat

I advise clients to be aware of modern slang like ONB to appropriately interact with Snapchat’s 188 million daily users.

Some common uses I see:

  • Commenting “ONB” on stale Snapchat Stories or repeats
  • Playfully teasing friends’ silly or unattractive snaps
  • Reacting humorously to fails or fashion faux pas
  • Sarcastically responding if friends assume you know something you don’t

However, I caution entrepreneurs to use ONB tactfully, not in ways that could hurt feelings or damage their brand image.

Marketing Potential for Businesses

While Snapchat was originally seen as a private messaging app, clever small businesses can leverage Snapchat’s unique features to drive real marketing results:

  • Geofilters promote brands locally or during events
  • AR Lenses boost interactivity and viral reach
  • Snap Ads appear within Stories based on targeting
  • Our Stories get your brand featured in public content

And correctly using hip lingo like ONB makes your content more relatable and shareable.

Snapchat Slang Cheat Sheet

Modern slang and abbreviations give Snapchat conversations a fun, casual vibe. Here are some popular terms I recommend business owners familiarize themselves with:

  • ILY: I love you
  • NMJCU: Nothing much, just chilling, you?
  • IMO: In my opinion
  • TBH: To be honest
  • HMU: Hit me up

So next time you see “ONB” on Snapchat, you’ll know it indicates something is irrelevant or “old news.” Mastering lingo can help entrepreneurs communicate in an approachable way.

Let me know if you have any other questions!