What Does "Digital Creator" Mean on Facebook? An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a small business consultant who helps entrepreneurs build their brands using social media, I often get asked: "What does it mean to be a digital creator on Facebook?"

This is an important question for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business and connect with an audience in 2022.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll break down everything you need to know as a small business owner about creating quality content and succeeding as a digital creator on Facebook.

Who Qualifies as a Digital Creator on Facebook?

Facebook introduced the "Digital Creator" category to distinguish professional content creators who are building a personal brand on social media. But the requirements are fairly broad.

Here are the key criteria to be considered a digital creator on Facebook:

  • You produce original, high-quality content – This could include videos, photos, blog posts, podcasts, live streams, reels, etc. The key is consistently publishing engaging content.
  • You aim to build a loyal audience – Digital creators leverage content to directly connect with their target audience. Your goal is to build a community.
  • You monetize your skills and talents – The end goal is converting your audience into fans who will provide value back, either through paid products/services or platforms like Facebook Stars.

You don‘t need millions of followers or fancy production equipment. For example, an entrepreneur who posts weekly vlogs sharing business tips can be considered a digital creator.

Key Benefits of Identifying as a Digital Creator on Facebook

Opting for the digital creator designation unlocks powerful tools tailored to content entrepreneurs. Here are some of the most valuable benefits:

  • Monetization products like Facebook Stars and badges allow you to earn rewards from your top fans. One of my clients earns over $2000 per month just from Stars.
  • The Creator Studio dashboard provides crucial analytics on your content performance. I recommend reviewing these metrics weekly to inform your strategy.
  • Exclusive events and programs like Facebook‘s #BuildBlack event connect you with other creators while learning new skills.
  • Detailed audience insights allow you to segment your followers by location, gender, interests and more so you can fine-tune content.

4 Types of Successful Digital Creators on Facebook

In my experience consulting entrepreneurs on Facebook content strategies, I‘ve seen creators from diverse niches find success. Here are some of the most common categories:

1. Video Creators

This includes vloggers, influencers, filmmakers and anyone who prioritizes video content. For example, one client of mine is a chef who posts 3-5 minute cooking tutorial videos weekly. These perform very well, driving huge traffic to his website.

2. Bloggers

Many entrepreneurs use Facebook notes or groups to share their written content. One client who runs a home improvement blog gets thousands of Views by sharing articles in relevant Facebook groups.

3. Podcasters

Podcasters can live stream recordings or share short video clips summarizing episodes. Repurposing audio content for visual platforms is key.

4. Photographers

Talented photographers can showcase their work through Facebook albums, stories, and creative live streams. Timelapses and behind-the-scenes photos tend to engage followers.

5 Proven Tips for Succeeding as a Digital Creator on Facebook

If you want to build a thriving creator career on Facebook, here are my top 5 tips based on consulting numerous entrepreneurs:

1. Obsess Over Your Niche

Take the time to truly understand your niche audience inside and out. Consume content in your industry, survey your followers, learn the "language". Craft content specifically tailored for them.

2. Analyze Performance Data

Leverage the detailed analytics available in Creator Studio to determine which content types, post times, etc. resonate most with your audience. Then double down on what works.

3. Engage With Your Community

Reply to comments, ask questions, and form personal connections with your followers. I recommend setting aside 30 mins per day for community management.

4. Collaborate With Other Creators

Find partners who align well with your brand to cross-promote content. For example, a recurring Instagram takeover can expose you to new audiences.

5. Use Facebook Tools Strategically

Take advantage of every tool available to publishers on Facebook – Live, Reels, Groups, and more. Understand how each format can help you create compelling content.

The Future is Bright for Facebook‘s Digital Creators

As Facebook continues innovating with products like Subscriptions, Audio Rooms, and Reels, there has never been a better time to grow your business as a digital creator.

The key is adding genuine value for your audience. If you can consistently produce content that entertains, educates, inspires or helps people, you can build a thriving community on Facebook.

I hope this guide provided a helpful overview of what it means to be a digital creator on Facebook. As a consultant, I‘m here to answer any other questions you may have on leveraging social media to grow your small business!