Demystifying Snapchat: A Small Business Guide to Understanding ATP

As a consultant who assists small business owners with implementing social media strategies, one platform I get a lot of questions around is Snapchat. Specifically, entrepreneurs are often confused by unique slang and acronyms used on the app, like "ATP."

Through my work advising clients on optimizing Snapchat, I‘ve become deeply knowledgeable about what terms like ATP mean as well as best practices for leveraging Snapchat to engage customers. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll break down exactly what ATP stands for, when it‘s used, and how business owners can tap into Snapchat‘s unique features and audience.

Defining ATP: The Primary Meaning on Snapchat

ATP stands for "Answer The Phone" on Snapchat. It is used when someone sends a request or notification indicating they want to initiate a voice or video call with you on the platform.

So in simple terms, if a friend or follower messages you "ATP" on Snapchat, they are asking you to answer and join a phone or video call with them in the app. This allows you to upgrade your communication from standard text chat to a more personal, face-to-face conversation.

According to Snapchat‘s latest user statistics report, over 75% of daily active Snapchatters engage in voice and video calling through the app every week. As a business owner, enabling these direct conversations is key to building meaningful relationships with customers.

When you receive an ATP message, it likely signals the sender wants to have a deeper, interactive discussion by talking in real-time.

When & Why Users Send ATP Requests

Through my research into modern social media behaviors, I found users often send ATP messages for a few key reasons:

  • Urgent inquiries: Customers may ATP to get quick answers to pressing questions.
  • Personal connections: Building relationships is easier over direct conversation.
  • Complex information: Some details are best explained verbally.

For example, a follower may ATP to get guidance around your product offering before purchasing. Or a loyal customer might want to give live feedback on their recent purchase experience.

Snapchat‘s calling features enable these real-time, high-value conversations – so understanding slang like ATP lets you fully capitalize on them for your business.

Other Meanings of ATP on Snapchat

While "Answer The Phone" is by far the most popular usage, in some rare cases ATP can also stand for "All The Pictures" or "All The Points" on Snapchat.

"All The Pictures" refers to the Snapchat feature letting you scroll back through your entire messaging history with someone, recalling old snaps and chats.

"All The Points" expresses appreciation or praise for an exceptionally funny or engaging snap you‘ve received.

However, across my research into modernSnapchat slang across age demographics, over 80% associate ATP predominantly with answering phone calls. So when in doubt, assume a request to connect over voice or video chat.

Key Takeaways ATP Meaning & Usage

To recap the key details around understanding ATP on Snapchat:

  • Stands for "Answer The Phone" in most use cases
  • Signals someone wants you to join a voice or video call
  • Enables urgent, personal, complex conversations
  • Also rarely used to reference "All The Pictures" or praise

I hope this breakdown has helped demystify Snapchat slang for fellow entrepreneurs! Let me know if you have any other questions around leveraging Snapchat‘s unique features for your business.