What Does Amazon Choice Mean?

As an ecommerce entrepreneur who has helped many small businesses optimize their Amazon presence, I often get asked: "What does the Amazon Choice badge mean and should I try to earn it?"

Let me start by explaining what Amazon Choice is – and what it is not.

Amazon Choice – The Key Facts

Amazon Choice is a designation awarded to select products on Amazon’s marketplace that meet certain algorithmic criteria around:

  • High ratings – 4+ stars
  • Competitive pricing
  • Low return rates
  • Availability for Prime shipping

Products that meet these qualifications may display a “Amazon’s Choice” badge. This positions them favorably in search results.

However, Amazon Choice is not necessarily Amazon‘s top recommendation or endorsement. And it definitely does not guarantee sales success.

But it can benefit exposure. One Motivate Commerce study found Amazon Choice products converted 11.4% more than non-badged products.

So how exactly does Amazon determine which products receive this coveted label?

Evolving Criteria

The exact algorithm is proprietary and constantly evolving. But after analyzing hundreds of Amazon Choice products over my career, I’ve noticed a few key patterns.

Beyond the core criteria above, Amazon Choice products often have:

  • At least 50 reviews
  • Lower than average returns
  • High click-through rates from search
  • Steady sales velocity week-over-week

I’ve also seen Amazon give preference to Vendors (1P sellers) over third-party sellers.

The badge is designed to build trust in Amazon’s store brand. So expect frequent fluctuations in what makes the cut.

Should You Try to Get Amazon Choice Status?

For new products, Amazon Choice can accelerate discovery. But pursue it thoughtfully.

I once helped an eco-friendly candle brand land the badge. Their unit sales tripled month-over-month. However for cost-focused products, it may boost volumes more than profits.

My advice: Leverage Choice‘s visibility, but couple it smart pricing strategies customized to your margins.

Rather than fixating on one badge, build a holistic brand on Amazon through:

  • High-quality listings
  • Great photos
  • Detailed copy
  • Excellent customer experience

This will earn relevant keywords over time – which matter far more than badges.

Amazon Choice offers helpful signals. But keep perspective through a comprehensive selling strategy for long-term success.