What Does "Actively Recruiting" Mean on LinkedIn? A Complete Small Business Guide for 2024

As a small business owner, attracting top talent to your startup or growing company can be challenging. With limited resources, you need to maximize your employer brand visibility to connect with qualified candidates. This is where LinkedIn‘s "Actively Recruiting" tag comes in handy.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll break down everything small businesses need to know about optimizing this powerful LinkedIn recruiting feature in 2024.

The Outsized Impact of LinkedIn for SMB Hiring

With over 575 million members, LinkedIn is easily the largest professional social network. Data indicates that it has an outsized impact when it comes to hiring for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

  • 94% of SMBs use LinkedIn to support recruitment, compared to 78% that leverage job boards like Indeed. [Source]
  • 72% of SMB hiring managers said LinkedIn yielded the best quality candidates, well above any other source. [Source]
  • SMB job postings on LinkedIn receive 2x more clicks from prospects compared to other platforms. [Source]

As a small business owner, you can‘t afford to ignore the recruiting power of LinkedIn. Mastering tools like the "Actively Recruiting" tag is key to success.

What Does "Actively Recruiting" Mean on LinkedIn?

When a company tags a job posting as "Actively Recruiting," it means exactly what it sounds like – they are proactively looking to hire for that role right now.

Specifically, it signals that the company is:

  • Accepting and reviewing candidate applications
  • Conducting interviews and moving prospects through the process
  • Eager to fill the position as quickly as possible

The "Actively Recruiting" badge distinguishes urgent openings from stale, outdated ones. It instantly conveys your real-time talent needs as a small business.

Based on my experience managing hiring for startups, this tag can make a tangible difference in application volume and quality. It‘s well worth optimizing.

How Does a Company Qualify for "Actively Recruiting" Status?

LinkedIn designates the "Actively Recruiting" tag algorithmically based on employer activity within the last 7 days, including:

  • Posting new job listings
  • Searching LinkedIn profiles and reaching out to prospects
  • Communicating with candidates through InMail or other features

Fulfilling this criteria signals to LinkedIn that you are dedicating resources to filling your roles in real-time.

As a guideline, I aim for at least 2-3 of relevant actions per week when managing recruiting campaigns for SMBs. This level of engagement typically guarantees the coveted tag.

4 Tips to Optimize Your Active Recruiting Status

Here are my top recommendations for small businesses to maximize their active recruiting presence on LinkedIn:

1. Post new jobs frequently – Refresh job postings regularly, even if it‘s the same role. Posting frequency is a top signal.

2. Engage prospective candidates – Don‘t just post and pray. Actively search profiles, send InMail, and communicate.

3. Join industry networking groups – Participate in niche LinkedIn Groups to promote openings and engage members.

4. Track analytics – Monitor page views, shares, and applicant sources to optimize efforts.

Following this advice positions your brand as an employer actively recruiting, ultimately helping you land better candidates faster.

Why "Actively Recruiting" Matters to SMBs

As a small business, you don‘t have the resources of a Fortune 500 company. That‘s why it‘s even more critical to maximize hiring tools like LinkedIn‘s recruiting tag.

The benefits for SMBs include:

  • Increased awareness – Spreads the word that you‘re hiring to LinkedIn‘s massive audience.
  • Top applicant visibility – Active candidates will be drawn to your urgent openings.
  • Focused targeting – Lets you zero in on qualified prospects already open to new roles.
  • Employer brand building – Shows your company is growing and adding jobs.
  • Long-term pipeline – Candidates not ready to apply can be nurtured for future roles.

Key Takeaways for Small Business Owners

As a recap, here are the key things SMB hiring managers should remember about the "Actively Recruiting" tag:

  • It signals your real-time talent needs and urgency to hire.
  • Algorithmic actions like posting jobs, InMailing, etc. can earn you the tag.
  • Refresh roles frequently and engage candidates to increase visibility.
  • Provides major benefits like candidate visibility and employer branding.
  • Levels the playing field so SMBs stand out like enterprise companies.

With the right strategy, LinkedIn‘s active recruiting status can be a game changer for hiring at your small business. Optimizing this feature should be a cornerstone of your talent acquisition efforts in 2024.