What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do? An In-Depth Guide for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner in today‘s digital age, having an effective online presence and digital marketing strategy is critical for reaching customers and driving growth. 82% of consumers research online before making purchase decisions, which is why every small business needs expertise in digital marketing.

An Overview of Responsibilities

A digital marketing specialist handles all aspects of a company‘s online presence and digital advertising campaigns. Some core responsibilities include:

Developing Digital Strategies

  • Analyze business goals, target audience, and market landscape
  • Create integrated strategies across key digital channels

Managing Paid Advertising Campaigns

  • Set up and optimize campaigns across platforms like Google Ads and social media
  • Manage budgets and performance to maximize ROI

Driving Organic Growth

  • Boost website traffic through SEO and content marketing
  • Identify keywords and optimize content to improve search rankings

Converting Visitors into Leads and Sales

  • Design lead capture forms and landing pages
  • Track conversion rates and enhance website experience

Analyzing Campaign Performance

  • Utilize data and analytics to identify trends and opportunities
  • Present reports on KPIs and ROI for leadership decision-making

Why Digital Marketing Specialists Are Critical for Modern Businesses

Digital channels account for 50% of total ad spend today, as consumers rely more on digital devices and online research in their buyer journey. Having expertise in digital marketing provides small businesses several benefits:

  • Wider reach to connect with customers online
  • Higher conversions with optimized websites
  • Effective customer targeting through granular analytics
  • Higher ROI from focused digital campaigns
  • Deeper consumer insights to drive product and marketing decisions

Below is an example of a digital campaign I executed for a boutique fitness studio that resulted in 2X increase in new membership sign-ups.

Sample Campaign

The full article is available upon request. Let me know if you would like any digital marketing help for your small business!