What Are Push Notifications on Facebook and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

As a fellow entrepreneur, you’re likely very familiar with those little alerts that pop up on your phone informing you of new activity on Facebook. These are called push notifications and they can be extremely valuable for businesses looking to engage with customers. But what exactly are push notifications and how do they work?

A Technical Look at Facebook Push Notifications

When someone interacts with your Facebook page or content, whether by commenting, sharing, or reacting, Facebook‘s servers identify this new activity. They compile a notification payload containing the relevant data like the user‘s name, post content, etc.

This payload is sent through Facebook‘s messaging APIs (application programming interfaces) to the notification managers of mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The platforms then push the alert to your device, which displays it based on your notification settings.

According to Facebook, push notifications have an impressive 97% rate of delivery success. They are sent through a persistent connection, allowing for real-time delivery even when the Facebook app isn‘t open.

The Benefits of Facebook Push Notifications for Businesses

Push notifications provide several advantages for companies looking to boost their Facebook presence:

  • Drive Traffic – Notifications can direct followers to your website, online store, or Facebook page. One study found push notifications increased site traffic by 88%.
  • Increase Engagement – Notifications make it easy for followers to instantly like, comment on, or share your content while it‘s top of mind.
  • Build Loyalty – Followers who enable push notifications have 4x higher retention rates. Notifications remind customers about your brand.
  • Promote Events – Alert followers about upcoming webinars, product releases, sales events and other time-sensitive happenings.
  • Send Promotions – Occasionally use push notifications to send coupons, exclusive discounts, or other special offers to followers.
  • Stay Top-of-Mind – Each notification touchpoint helps reinforce your brand in your followers‘ minds, keeping you memorable.

Best Practices for Business Push Notifications

Here are some tips to ensure your Facebook push notifications are effective:

  • Personalize Messages – Use the follower‘s first name when appropriate to make notifications more meaningful.
  • Segment Your Audience – Target notifications to different follower groups based on preferences and behaviors.
  • Vary Content Types – Send a mix of promotional messages, content alerts, polls, surveys, and more.
  • Watch the Frequency – Avoid bombarding followers with too many notifications which can cause notification fatigue.
  • Provide Value – Make sure each notification provides something useful or relevant to the recipient.
  • Drive Specific Actions – Structure notifications to inspire clicks, store visits, content views, and other measurable actions.
  • Review Analytics – Use Facebook‘s analytics to identify your best and worst performing notification types.

Final Tips on Managing Facebook Push Notifications

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how distracting notifications can become. Here are a few parting tips on managing notifications for optimal productivity:

  • Set your personal Facebook notifications on "Mute" during work hours.
  • Use Notification Scheduling apps like Metigy to decide when notifications are sent.
  • Take short monthly "Notification Cleanses" to disable unnecessary notifications.
  • Assign notification management to another team member if needed.

With a dedicated notification strategy, any business can maximize results and engagement on Facebook without getting overwhelmed. Feel free to reach out if you need any personalized guidance!