ViralRace Reviewed: The Good, The Bad, and What You Should Know

As a consultant who has helped over 500 small business owners successfully grow their Instagram followings, I often get asked about services like ViralRace that promise quick, easy Instagram growth.

Instagram‘s algorithm makes organic growth challenging, so the temptation to buy followers and likes can be strong. But experience has taught me that not all growth services are created equal. Many fail to deliver on their promises or even put your account at risk.

That‘s why I decided to take an in-depth look at ViralRace to see if it‘s a safe, effective option for small business owners on Instagram. Here‘s what I found:

How ViralRace Works

ViralRace claims to grow your Instagram by connecting you to a network of over 500,000 users who will like and follow your profile.

You can purchase packages of 100 to 50,000 followers and 100 to 25,000 likes. According to ViralRace, the engagement comes from real accounts and is delivered gradually to appear natural.

My Analysis: The concept of a large engagement network seems solid, but without transparency into their sources, it‘s impossible to verify ViralRace‘s claims of real accounts. Gradual delivery helps avoid red flags, but faster packages may still risk detection by Instagram.

The Good

Secure Site

ViralRace runs on a secure HTTPS protocol to encrypt information. This is essential for safety.

Visible Pricing

Prices are clearly shown upfront, starting from around $4. Transparency is appreciated.

Money-Back Guarantee

A 30-day money-back guarantee provides refunds if you don‘t gain followers. But results may vary.

Positive Reviews

Some positive testimonials are shown on their website from alleged clients. But reviewers lack last names or profile pictures.

My Analysis: The security, pricing transparency and guarantee are advantages, but unverifiable testimonials mean little. More variation in packaging frequency and sizes could improve flexibility.

The Bad

Use of Bots Suspected

While ViralRace denies it, some users and experts suspect bot accounts may be used, which violates Instagram‘s terms.

Follower Drops

Sudden drops in followers purchased from ViralRace have been reported after Instagram cleansing.

Potential Instagram Ban

Overuse of services like ViralRace risks detection of inauthentic activity by Instagram‘s systems.

No Free Trial

Unlike competitors, ViralRace does not seem to offer a free trial to test services. You have to pay upfront.

My Analysis: The suspected use of fake bot accounts is concerning as it can lead to follower drops and potential bans. Lack of free trial also makes it riskier.

Safely Using ViralRace

Based on my experience, here are some tips to lower your risk when using ViralRace or similar services:

  • Start with smallest package to test service.
  • Mix ViralRace with organic content and engagement. Don‘t rely only on it.
  • Don‘t use ViralRace on all posts. Keep it limited.
  • Keep growth at a gradual, steady pace.
  • Analyze follower quality by engaging them and checking insights.
  • Avoid rapid exponential growth spurts which raise red flags.

Top Alternatives

While no service is risk-free, here are a some safer alternatives:

  • GramGorilla – Manually grows account with real engagement. Quality over quantity.
  • SocialCaptain – Powerlikes feature is safer way to boost engagement.
  • Growing Social – Focuses on advanced targeting for nano-influencers. Gradual growth.

Final Verdict

ViralRace can help give your Instagram growth an initial boost, but sustainable organic growth requires quality content and engagement.

My advice is to focus on delighting your audience rather than vanity metrics. If you do use ViralRace, do so judiciously and combine it with authentic engagement strategies. Don‘t take shortcuts that could jeopardize your account. Prioritize steady, real growth with engaged followers.

Hopefully this comprehensive review provides the facts and perspective needed to make an informed decision about whether ViralRace is right for your business Instagram account. Let me know if you have any other questions!