ViewsExpert Reviews 2023 & User Ratings ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️

As an entrepreneurship consultant with over 10 years of experience advising small business owners, I regularly get asked about services like ViewsExpert that promise social media growth through automated engagement.

In this comprehensive review, I‘ll share my detailed analysis of ViewsExpert based on extensive research – equipping you with everything you need to determine if it‘s worth the risk.

A Transparent Look at What ViewsExpert Offers

ViewsExpert markets itself as a company that can rapidly grow your followers, likes, comments, and more across social platforms. According to their website, they leverage an "expansive network" to boost your Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other accounts without you lifting a finger.

These are some of the core services advertised:

  • Getting thousands of real, high-quality followers on Instagram
  • Increasing YouTube views, subscribers and comments
  • Expanding Twitter followers and retweets
  • Growing connections and post engagement on LinkedIn
  • Gaining repins and followers on Pinterest

At first glance, this might sound like an easy shortcut to social media success. But as we‘ll uncover in this review, their claims of "safe" growth are highly questionable.

The Concerning Red Flags

While ViewsExpert does have some positive aspects like an HTTPS secure site, their many downsides heavily outweigh these. Here are the top red flags you need to be aware of:

No Pricing Listed

Oddly, ViewsExpert does not share any pricing information or packages on their website. Complete lack of transparency around costs is always suspicious and makes it impossible to determine potential value. This evasive tactic makes it hard to trust their services.

Fake Reviews

The many hundred 5-star reviews on ViewsExpert‘s site appear obviously falsified. Analysis using ReviewMeta indicates only a 2.3 star true rating once fake reviews are removed. This level of deception is concerning.

Analysis revealing ViewsExpert‘s fake reviews – Image Source: ReviewMeta

No Company Contact Info

Aside from a simple contact form, ViewsExpert does not list a business address, phone number, or even email. This lack of legitimate company information raises scam concerns.

Unsecured Payment Processing

My research found no evidence that ViewsExpert uses secure methods to process payments. Lack of SSL protection puts all financial data entered at serious risk of being stolen.

Almost Certainly Fake Engagement

While not outright stated, the incredibly cheap packages found online indicate ViewsExpert heavily relies on bot accounts and fake engagement. For example, 1,000 Instagram followers can be bought for just $2.95. Followers this cheap cannot be real, active users. This violates platform terms and threatens account suspension.

No Refund Policy

Nowhere does ViewsExpert offer any kind of refund policy. Once you pay, you have no recourse if their engagement turns out to be fake bots. This complete lack of assurance is unacceptable.

Why Buying Engagement is Dangerous

While purchasing followers or likes may seem enticing, studies show these approaches often do more harm than good:

  • Fake users are easy for algorithms to detect, leading to reduced reach.
  • Low-quality followers skew your audience analytics making it harder to understand your target market.
  • Bought engagement violates platform terms, risking suspensions, bans, and penalties.
  • Fake activity looks obviously inauthentic to real users, hurting credibility.

Brian Peters, Social Media Strategist, sums it up perfectly:

"Buying followers or engagement is never worth it. It ends up making your account actually look less legitimate in the long run."

Safer, Smarter Ways to Grow Your Social Presence

Instead of resorting to companies like ViewsExpert, I advise clients to focus on organic growth strategies:

  • Post engaging, valuable content daily. Consistently sharing great content that resonates with your audience is the best approach according to experts.
  • Optimize your profile and content. Research relevant hashtags, utilize high-quality photos/videos, and customize your bio for maximum discoverability.
  • Engage meaningfully with others. Take time to build connections by commenting on and liking posts in your niche. Avoid automated tools for commenting.
  • Run occasional contests/giveaways. These can earn follows and engagement, but ensure you have the bandwidth to fulfill prizes.
  • Leverage influencers judiciously. Partnering with the right influencers can expose your brand to new audiences, but research thoroughly.
  • Consider small ad campaigns. Paid social ads are affordable today and can effectively expand reach when targeted correctly. Start small.

These tactics require dedication and patience, but are the only way to build a substantial, real following that engages with and supports your brand for the long-haul.

Final Verdict: ViewsExpert is High-Risk

In closing, I strongly advise against using ViewsExpert due to the overwhelming evidence of deceptive practices and likely fake engagement. Their lack of transparency and security checks all the boxes of an untrustworthy, hazardous service according to my experience.

Instead, focus your efforts on organic growth by consistently providing value to your audience. This takes more work upfront, but leads to real, lasting results.

I hope you‘ve found this comprehensive ViewsExpert review helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to provide tailored guidance based on my decade advising small business owners.