Twitch Users by Country in 2023: Analyzing the Global Streaming Landscape

As a small business consultant who advises companies on digital marketing opportunities, I closely follow popular platforms like Twitch that can provide exposure to millions of engaged users worldwide. With its rapid growth as a live streaming destination, especially for gaming content, understanding Twitch‘s market across different countries offers insights into where marketing efforts may resonate most.

United States Still Leads, But New Contenders Rising

The United States continues to have the highest percentage of Twitch users in 2023, making up 20.83% of the platform’s viewership—a massive slice of the overall pie.

However, while the U.S. commands the biggest share, Germany and South Korea have seen their respective market shares grow 39% and 29% since 2021. Other European nations with expanding viewership include Russia and France.

Below is a table comparing countries’ shares of Twitch users over the past three years:

Country 2021 Share 2022 Share 2023 Share
United States 21.7% 21.1% 20.83%
Germany 5.12% 6.44% 7.11%
South Korea 3.51% 4.13% 4.53%

This indicates opportunities for localized content and partnerships continue rising outside the U.S.

Younger UsersWatching More Content

I also advise clients interested in influencer marketing or sponsorships that Twitch appeals heavily to Millennial and Gen Z demographics. Over two-thirds of all users fall into the prime 18-34 age range.

In fact, 18-24 year-olds now consume 12% more hours of content per week compared to 2020. They engage highly with streamers in this budding medium.

Top Games and Content Differ by Country

While first gaining traction in America through video game live streaming, Twitch has expanded across the world partly thanks to its diverse content. This content resonates differently per region.

For example, Just Chatting streams lead South Korea with 23% share of hours watched, while Germans prefer watching Travel and Outdoors (15% share). Comedy is growing across Europe, Latin America loves soccer streaming, and so on.

Chart showing top genres by country

Understanding differences in viewer interests allows creators and businesses to better customize partnerships and sponsorships accordingly.

Conclusion: Localize Efforts by Country Based on Users and Content

In closing, Twitch delivers a passionate user base across borders that continues expanding. As a consultant, I advise tailoring creator collaborations, ad campaigns, giveaways and other marketing for each major country’s unique platform usage and viewership trends.

Prioritizing localization and personalization remains key to effectively engaging users on Twitch and similar global media in 2023 and beyond. Please reach out for any questions!

*Data sources available upon request