Twitch Turbo Cost: A Detailed Look at the Value of an Ad-Free Streaming Experience

As an avid Twitch user and entrepreneur who utilizes live streaming for marketing, I’ve explored whether paying for Twitch Turbo is worth it. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll analyze the features, benefits, and costs of Twitch Turbo to help you decide if an ad-free viewing experience is right for you.

What is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Turbo is a premium subscription from Twitch that offers several upgrades:

  • No Advertisements – No pre-roll, mid-roll or display ads across Twitch. This allows for seamless, uninterrupted viewing.
  • Chat Perks – Get an exclusive Turbo chat badge and access to special Twitch Turbo emotes.
  • Enhanced Streaming – Turbo subscribers get increased VOD storage and video upload limits.
  • Priority Support – Receive faster responses from Twitch customer service if any issues arise.
  • New Features – Twitch promises access to select new product features not available to regular users.

For many Twitch users, the ad-free viewing is the main appeal. But Turbo offers a variety of extra benefits beyond just removing distractions.

Twitch Turbo Cost

Twitch Turbo is priced at a flat monthly rate of $8.99. It‘s one of the more affordable options for an ad-free streaming experience compared to services like YouTube Premium.

However, Twitch Turbo costs slightly more than subscribing to an individual channel monthly. Let‘s compare:

  • Twitch Turbo: $8.99 per month
  • Individual channel sub: $4.99 per month

For those who only watch one or two streamers, individual subs may be more cost effective. But Turbo shines for frequent viewers who jump between many channels.

Pros of Twitch Turbo for Streamers and Viewers

For Streamers

  • Reliable Ad Revenue: Viewers on Twitch Turbo still generate ad revenue. You earn from Turbo users without them seeing disruptive ads.
  • Increased Exposure: Your content is more easily discoverable without ads in the way. Turbo users watch and engage more.
  • Viewer Retention: When users pay for Turbo, they tend to be loyalty followers who regularly return to your channel vs casual viewers.

For Viewers

  • Zero Interruptions: No need to sit through repetitive ads before and during streams. Turbo lets you stay focused.
  • Supports Streamers: You generate ad revenue for creators without having to watch the ads yourself. It’s a win-win.
  • Added Perks: The chat badges, emotes, etc add fun personalization options to your viewer experience.

Who Should Buy Twitch Turbo?

Based on my research and experience, here‘s a breakdown of which types of users can benefit most from Twitch Turbo:

Casual Viewers

For those who only watch Twitch occasionally, Turbo may not offer enough value to warrant the $9 fee. Individual channel subs work better here.

Streaming Enthusiasts

Frequent Twitch viewers who follow multiple channels will find the most value in Turbo. Avoiding ads across all content justifies the cost.

Aspiring Streamers

Turbo’s streaming benefits like increased VOD storage make it worthwhile for those wanting to broadcast gameplay and grow an audience.


Businesses using Twitch for marketing live streams, product demos, etc. will appreciate Turbo’s perks for uninterrupted broadcasting and viewer support.

Twitch Turbo – Worth the Investment?

For Twitch‘s most devoted users, I believe the $8.99 per month for Twitch Turbo is absolutely justified to enjoy an optimized ad-free viewing experience.

The elimination of distractions paired with supporting streamers and unlocking extra perks make it a valuable upgrade. Turbo takes your Twitch addiction to the next level.

However, more casual viewers may prefer sticking with individual channel subscriptions. Assess your personal viewing frequency and budget to decide if Twitch Turbo is a smart investment for you.