Twitch Partner Requirements 2023: The Ultimate Guide to Get Partnered Easily!

Earning Twitch Partner status is a coveted accomplishment for streamers, unlocking higher earning potential, custom emotes, and other benefits. But with competition rising and requirements getting stricter, gaining approval into the program has become an arduous process.

This comprehensive guide for 2024 provides everything you need to know to give your channel the best shot at partnership.

Why Twitch Partnership Matters

Before diving into the requirements, let‘s examine why gaining partner status is worth the effort for serious streamers.

Higher Revenue Streams

Twitch Partners earn a 50% revenue share rate on subscriptions compared to just 50% for affiliates. They also gain access to additional monetization like tips.

This chart summarizes the earning differences:

Revenue Source Affiliate Share Partner Share
Subscriptions 50% 50-70%
Bits 50% 50-70%
Ads 55% 55-70%

Partners can also unlock sponsorship opportunities, merchandising, and more. Top partners easily earn over $100k a year directly from Twitch.

More Discoverability

The partner badge gives your channel prestige and gets your streams prioritized in recommendations and search. This makes it easier to attract new viewers.

Partners also get access to raids, which let you instantly send your audience to another streamer and gain new followers.

Custom Emotes and Sub Badges

Custom emotes let your subscribers express themselves in chat in a way that‘s unique to your brand. Partners can upload up to 50 custom emotes.

Subscriber badges also allow you to reward and highlight your most loyal community members.

Reliable Transcoding

Partners are guaranteed transcoding options for their streams. This gives viewers control over stream quality based on their internet speeds.

What are the Requirements for 2024?

Now that you see the incentives of partnership, let‘s cover the latest eligibility requirements for 2024.

  • Stream for 25 hours in the past 30 days
  • Stream on 12 unique days in the past 30 days
  • Average of 75 concurrent viewers over the past 30 days

Twitch also closely evaluates more subjective criteria like production quality, audience interaction, channel growth, and overall vision.

Twitch Partnership Application Approval Rates

The reality is the program has become highly competitive, and meeting the base requirements is no guarantee. In fact, Twitch only approves around 30% of partnership applications as of 2023.

Common reasons for rejection include inconsistent streaming schedules, lack of progress over time, and concerns over community moderation.

Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Twitch Partner

Here is an actionable 10 step roadmap to set your channel up for partnership success:

Step 1 – Create Your Twitch Account

  • Sign up for a Twitch account at
  • Customize your profile, banner, logo and bio

Step 2 – Set a Strict Streaming Schedule

  • Commit to a fixed streaming schedule, 5+ days a week
  • Consistency is key – stick to your schedule every week

Step 3 – Produce Professional Quality Streams

  • Have an intro/outro, layouts, alerts, and graphics
  • Ensure excellent video and audio quality
  • Entertain and engage viewers with commentary and interaction

Step 4 – Network and Cross-Promote

  • Collaborate with other streamers for growth
  • Promote your channel across social media
  • Participate actively in the Twitch community

Step 5 – Analyze Metrics and Optimize

  • Track viewers, followers, engagement metrics
  • Identify what content performs best
  • Keep experimenting and improving

Step 6 – Provide Unique Value

  • Offer something special that makes you stand out
  • It could be elite skills, humor, production value, etc.

Step 7 – Encourage Viewer Participation

  • Leverage polls, chat, on-screen interactions
  • Make your community feel included

Step 8 – Moderate and Foster Positivity

  • Proactively moderate your channel
  • Cultivate a welcoming, non-toxic environment

Step 9 – Apply for Partnership

  • Once you meet all requirements, submit your application!
  • Highlight achievements, goals, and community

Step 10 – Maintain Standards

  • If approved, keep providing engaging content
  • Continue networking, optimizing, and expanding

With dedication and persistence, you can make your Twitch partnership dream a reality.

Expert Tips to Improve Your Chances

I‘ve helped many streaming clients successfully get partnered. Here are some pro tips:

Go Above the Minimums

Don‘t just meet the requirements – exceed them to impress Twitch. Aim for 100+ concurrent viewers.

Fix Any Community Issues

Moderate rigorously and resolve any prior bans, harassment, etc. Twitch scrutinizes community health.

Stick to Trending Games

Dominate popular games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Apex Legends. Niche games can limit growth.

Always Be Improving

Successful channels continue honing formats, graphics, equipment, and tech even after partnership.

Twitch Partner Program Changes for 2024

Twitch has tightened requirements and emphasized quality over quantity:

  • Increased average concurrent viewers required from 50 to 75
  • More weight placed on production value and community
  • Stricter policies on reruns/recorded content

This means creators must step up content quality and moderation to get approved. But the benefits make the effort well worth it!

Wrapping Up

Gaining elite Twitch Partner status is difficult, but can propel your streaming career. This comprehensive 2023 guide outlined updated requirements, step-by-step strategies, expert tips, and recent program changes.

Stay committed, leverage the advice here, and your channel has a strong chance of getting accepted. Partnership allows you to unlock greater income, exposure, and community-building tools.

Now you have everything you need to confidently pursue partner status. Time to start streaming your way to the top!