Twitch Affiliate vs Partner: Choosing the Right Monetization Program for Your Streaming Goals

As an aspiring streamer, you may be wondering: should I become a Twitch Affiliate or hold out for Partner?

Both programs allow you to earn money from your passion for gaming and broadcasting. However, there are some major differences when it comes to unlocking monetization features, revenue potential, and customization options.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll compare Twitch Affiliate vs Partner to help you pick the best path for your streaming career.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner: A Quick Comparison

Before we dive into the details, here’s a high-level overview of how Affiliate and Partner differ:

Program Key Benefits Minimum Requirements
Twitch Affiliate
  • Start earning money faster
  • Entryway into monetization
  • Some customization options
  • 50+ followers
  • 500+ minutes broadcast
  • 3+ concurrent viewers
  • 7+ unique streaming days
  • 8+ hours streamed in 30 days
Twitch Partner
  • More monetization and revenue opportunities
  • Additional perks and customization
  • Milestone for established streamers
  • 75+ concurrent viewers
  • 25+ hours streamed in 30 days
  • 12+ unique streaming days
  • Complete application process

As you can see, Twitch Affiliate offers a faster way to start earning but has lower requirements. Twitch Partner requires a larger audience and time commitment but unlocks more monetization tools.

Now let’s explore the differences in more detail.

Revenue Options and Customization

One major difference between the two programs is the monetization and customization options available:

Revenue Streams

Both Affiliates and Partners can earn money from subscriptions, bit cheering, and ad revenue. However, Partners unlock additional revenue sources including:

  • Channel subscriptions – Only Partners earn a portion of subscriptions to their channel.
  • More emote slots for subscribers – Partners get more emote slots to incentivize subscribers.
  • Higher game sales commission – Partners earn a 50% revenue share on game sales through their streams vs. Affiliate‘s 25% share.

According to Twitch’s 2021 Transparency Report, the average monthly payout for Partners in 2021 was $3,518. Top Partners earned over $100,000 per month. While harder to quantify, Affiliate earnings are considerably less but can still be lucrative.

Customization Capabilities

Affiliates have more freedom when it comes to customizing their streams with overlays, alerts, and branding. Partners are limited to Twitch’s proprietary options.

However, Partners do unlock exclusive customization perks like additional emote slots based on their number of subscribers. So while Affiliates have more overall freedom, Partners gain some coveted customizations.

Community Engagement and Support

Both programs come with community-building features:

  • Twitch Teams – Affiliates and Partners can join or create Teams for cross-promotion and networking.
  • Twitch Chat – Affiliates and Partners can embed chat to interact with viewers in real-time.

However, Partners gain access to additional community perks:

  • More Subscriber Emotes – Partners can offer more emotes as a perk for subscribers.
  • VIP Community Roles – Partners can highlight their top subscribers with special badges and roles.
  • Priority Support – Partners get quicker access to Twitch‘s customer support team.

Having more tools to engage and reward viewers can help Partners build even stronger communities.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Each Program

As a streamer, you want to pick the program that best matches your current streaming goals and audience. Here are some things to consider:

Twitch Affiliate


  • Lower barrier to entry with fewer requirements
  • Faster access to monetization features like tipping and subscriptions
  • More customization freedom with third-party services


  • Limited revenue potential compared to Partners
  • No access to channel subscriptions or additional emote slots

Best for: Getting started with monetization quickly and easily

Twitch Partner


  • Unlocks the full suite of monetization tools like channel subscriptions
  • Additional revenue sources like game sales commissions
  • More emotes and customization options for dedicated fans


  • Much higher requirements and application process
  • Restricted from using external customization options

Best for: Established streamers seeking to maximize revenue and engagement

Start Monetizing Your Passion for Streaming

As your channel grows, becoming a Twitch Affiliate or Partner allows you to profit from your hard work and start earning an income from streaming.

Whichever program you choose, focus on providing value to your viewers, interacting with your community, and having fun streaming. Building an engaged audience that truly enjoys your content is the key to success on Twitch.

With this guide‘s side-by-side comparison of these programs, you can decide which monetization path is right for your unique streaming goals. Now get out there, start streaming, and open up new ways to turn your passion into profit!