Tree Frog Social Reviews 2023 & User Ratings WARNING

As a consultant dedicated to helping small businesses succeed on social media, I always caution clients about the risks of buying fake followers or engagement. While services like Tree Frog Social might seem tempting, the long-term consequences simply aren‘t worth it.

Diligent Vetting is Crucial

When assessing services like Tree Frog Social, I dig deeper and vet carefully before making any recommendations. Trustworthy providers earn your business through expertise, integrity, and proven strategies that get real, sustainable results.

Unfortunately, too many brands I encounter haven‘t done their homework and get drawn in by smoke and mirrors of shady social media services. Let‘s walk through what to watch out for.

hallmarks of risky providers:

  • Vague language about "growth tactics"
  • No evidence of real expertise/credentials
  • Lack of detailed case studies or client reviews
  • No clear explanations of strategies used
  • Claims of overnight fame and viral success

Signs of trustworthy providers:

  • Clearly articulated organic growth strategies
  • Extensive client case studies and testimonials
  • Depth of expertise in a niche area like influencer partnerships
  • Tailored, consultative approach to fit unique needs
  • Commitment to fully aligned, white-hat tactics

The bottom line– Do your homework before risking your brand‘s reputation

My Experience Auditing At-Risk Accounts

Over my 10 years advising social media clients, I‘ve consulted with dozens of brands who used shady services and faced disastrous outcomes, including:

  • Banned Accounts: Platforms like Instagram and Twitter routinely flag and suspend accounts with fake/bot followers and engagement. I‘ve seen many clients lose huge audiences literally overnight.
  • Destroyed Credibility: Fake followers utterly demolish consumer trust in your brand. Would you trust a brand with 50k bot followers? I‘ve seen brands crippled by backlash.
  • Wasted Spend: Money spent on short-term fake follower spikes delivers no actual business value. I‘ve seen clients waste thousands on temporary vanity metrics.
  • Legal Violations: The FTC now prosecutes fake testimonials and reviews. Using bots or scripts to automate engagement creates legal risk.

My advice after years in this industry: Just don‘t take the risk. It‘s never worth endangering your brand‘s long-term social media success.

Assessing Tree Frog Social Specifically

Background: Tree Frog Social offers Instagram follower and engagement services, though their website lacks specifics on how they deliver growth

Evaluating their business model and practices through a consultant‘s lens, some major red flags emerge:

Lack of Transparency

  • No detailed information provided on tactics used or growth strategy
  • Vague language about "growth services" without specifics

💡 This lack of transparency would prevent any reputable consultant from making recommendations. Huge liability for clients.

No Case Studies or Proof

  • Website lacks any tangible examples of accounts grown or previous results
  • No testimonials from credible, verifiable clients

💡 Without proof or social proof, impossible to evaluate credibility.

Susceptibility to Instagram Crackdowns

  • Recent algorithm changes severely limit reach for inauthentic engagement
  • IG now detects and removes millions of fake accounts daily

💡 High likelihood followers or engagement attained will be removed.

Pricing Not Aligned with Organic Services

Pricing Tier # of Followers Promised Monthly
Basic 3,000
Business 3,600
Influencer 4,500

💡 These follower amounts nearly impossible to drive organically every single month. Signals inauthentic means.

Final Verdict: Based on red flags around credibility, transparency, and results, I cannot in good faith recommend Tree Frog Social’s services to small business clients. The long-term brand risks outweigh any temporary vanity metric gains.

Vetted Alternatives Worth Exploring

Through extensive evaluation, I have identified a few services that I can recommend clients use safely, including:

Growthoid: Focuses exclusively on custom organic growth strategies tailored to each client‘s brand and audience. Veteran team and very meticulous approach.

Nitreo: Professional influencer network generating authentic engagement. Unique offering and ethical standards policy.

Kenji: Leverages powerful AI to identify ideal creators for sponsored partnerships and campaigns. Impressive track record.

While not cheap or quick fixes, these credible partners drive consistent business growth without all the legal, reputational risks of fake follower sites. They‘ve also safely grown real accounts to over 100k+ followers.

If you have any other questions for vetting potential social media marketing services, don‘t hesitate to reach out! Shop smart and stay safe.