Just How Much Time Are Teens Spending on Social Media These Days?

As an entrepreneur and father of two teenagers, I‘ve taken more than a passing interest in the growing role of social media in young people‘s lives. And 2022 statistics reveal that teens are plugged into apps like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram now more than ever. But how concerned should we be about these eye-popping numbers? Read on for a data-driven look at exactly how much time teens are spending on social media in 2023.

By the Numbers: Key Social Media Usage Statistics

Recent surveys about teens and social media return some staggering figures:

  • 38% of teens spend over 8 hours on social media every day[^1]
  • Average daily teen screen time totals over 8 hours[^2]
  • 95% of teens have used YouTube[^3]
  • 60% of the global population actively uses social media[^4]

Focusing on daily usage, teens are spending huge amounts of time on a few favorite platforms:

  • TikTok – 1 hour 47 minutes[^5]
  • Snapchat – 1 hour 12 minutes[^5]
  • Instagram – 45 minutes[^5]

American teens mirror these tendencies, racking up impressive daily averages:

  • TikTok – 113 minutes[^6]
  • Snapchat – 90 minutes[^6]
  • Pinterest – 20 minutes[^6]
  • Facebook – 18 minutes[^6]

But how do teens themselves feel about all this social media immersion? The numbers here paint an intriguing picture…

Teen Attitudes Towards Social Media

  • 55% of teens say they spend the "right amount" of time on social media
  • 36% believe they spend "too much time"
  • Just 8% say they spend "too little" time[^7]

This data suggests most teens seem to feel comfortable with the role social media plays in their life. Still, over a third admit to overdoing it at times—a figure that contrasts sharply with that scant 8% who can‘t get enough.

As an entrepreneur and dad, I believe open conversations around social media habits remain important for teens and parents alike. But these statistics indicate reason for optimism overall.

The Businesses Opportunities of Teen Social Media

For those of us in business, these teen social media trends also present unique opportunities. Youtube in particular gets nearly universal adoption among this demographic. Meanwhile visual platforms like TikTok and Snapchat command impressive daily minutes.

Savvy entrepreneurs everywhere should take note. Have you tapped into viral TikTok yet for your brand? What visual content best resonates with your teen and young adult audience? The businesses winning Gen Z consumers will continue asking these questions in 2023 and beyond.

Final Thoughts

So how much time are teens spending on social media in 2023? More than ever before, as the data bears out. And yet, unlike alarming headlines we may see, most teens still seem to balance real and digital worlds successfully.

As our smartphones and apps offer more and more tempting diversions, that remains no small feat. Perhaps in this area we adults still have something to learn from the teens we often worry over. Moderation and balance with technology works when we make room for both.