TikTok Users by Country in 2023: In-Depth Analysis and Statistics for Small Business Marketing

As a consultant helping small businesses succeed, I‘m excited to see so many entrepreneurs embracing TikTok as a marketing platform. With over 1.677 billion global users, it offers immense opportunities to reach new audiences.

But successful TikTok marketing requires understanding your target users. That‘s why I‘ve put together this in-depth look at TikTok user demographics across key countries and regions.

Let‘s dive into the data so you can create effective campaigns tailored to your goals!

Key Global TikTok User Stats

First, some key numbers on TikTok‘s worldwide user base:

  • 1.677 billion global users as of July 2023, up from 1 billion in 2020
  • Over 1.1 billion monthly active users
  • Time spent per day averaged 95 minutes globally in 2023
  • 37.33% of users are female, 46% are male
  • Highest usage among those aged 19-29 at 35%

As TikTok continues rapid growth, ongoing demographic research is essential for businesses.

United States TikTok Users

With 150 million users, the United States represents TikTok‘s largest national market. For U.S. small businesses, it‘s vital to note:

  • Users increased 34 million from Q1 2023 to July 2023
  • Highest usage among 18-24 year olds at 32.5%
  • More female (57%) than male (43%) users
  • Average time spent per day is higher than global average at 97 minutes

This data shows the importance of targeting Generation Z and young millennials in the U.S., while also optimizing content for a female majority audience.

Brazil TikTok Users

As the 3rd largest market globally, Brazil offers big opportunities:

  • 84.13 million total users
  • 75% are 16-39 years old
  • 57% of users are female
  • Average 92 minutes spent per day viewing TikTok

Creative, music and dance-focused content tends to perform best in Brazil based on the youthful, socially engaged audience.

Russia TikTok Users

With over 51 million users, Russia has seen fast adoption, especially among younger demographics:

  • 39.7 million users are aged 20-35
  • Reaches 21.9% of 18-24 year olds in Russia
  • Average user spends 95 minutes per day on TikTok

Consider localizing content and using Russian captions to maximize reach and engagement.

Malaysia TikTok Users

Though smaller in total size, Malaysia has a high 80.6% market penetration:

  • Users forecast to hit 21 million by 2027, up from 14 million
  • 55.73% of users are male
  • Highest usage among those aged 19-25 at 35.49%

Lifestyle and entertainment content works well for the young Malaysian demographic.

Emerging Trends and Recommendations

Based on this analysis, I recommend focusing on these key trends:

  • Tailor content style and tone to your target countries‘ demographics
  • Localize content through translations and region-specific cultural references
  • Give attention to emerging markets like Turkey, Russia, and Vietnam
  • Leverage popular TikTok content formats like challenges, duets, and reaction videos
  • Authentically engage target users by responding to comments and participating in trends

The time you invest in understanding your key TikTok user demographics will directly strengthen engagement and growth for your business. Let me know if you need any help developing your TikTok strategy!