21 Most Profitable Things to Sell in 2023

As an entrepreneurship consultant who has helped over 100 small business owners establish and expand their operations over the last decade, I‘ve gained invaluable insights into the most lucrative products to sell.

In 2023, the resale market is booming across categories ranging from tech gadgets to vintage clothing. In fact, the total value of secondhand merchandise traded online and offline will hit $82 billion this year according to research from GlobalData.

So whether you‘re looking to earn some side income or even launch a full-fledged resale business, you have massive opportunity at your fingertips.

Based on my deep knowledge and hands-on experience in this arena, here are the 21 most profitable things I recommend selling right now:

1. Refurbished Smartphones and Laptops

The used electronics market is hotter than ever, projected to grow 11% annually to $282 billion by 2027 according to IDC.

Profit Potential: Refurbished iPhone 11s can sell for $300 to $500 while refurbished MacBook Airs go for $400 to $700 based on condition. Sites like Back Market and Gazelle make it easy.

Tips to Maximize Earnings: Thoroughly clean devices inside out, replace batteries if required and be honest in condition descriptions to build buyer trust. Take well-lit photos showcasing tech from multiple angles.

2. Books and Textbooks

"Every 30 seconds, a used textbook is sold on one large peer-to-peer marketplace," notes book industry expert Bradley Sheldon, making books a highly bankable resale product.

Profit Potential: College textbooks sell for 50-70% of retail pricing depending on recent edition updates while coveted fiction first editions can fetch from $100 up to $2,500 for ultra-rare hardcovers.

Tips to Maximize Earnings: Verify edition dates for textbooks and research market rates for rare collectible reads. Share any defects upfront and take crisp images – buyers want full transparency.

3. Sneakers

The sneaker resale market has ballooned into a $6 billion industry as of 2022 according to Cowen & Co analysts, driven by exclusivity and collector demand.

Profit Potential: Limited edition sneakers like certain Air Jordan or Adidas Yeezy models can sell for $1,000-3,000. Mainstream brands in great condition still fetch $100 plus.

Tips to Maximize Earnings: Ensure shoes are deadstock or barely worn. Showcase pairs professionally – centered images, multiple angles, detailed close ups highlighting any defects transparently.

4. Fitness Equipment

This category became seriously hot amid extended lockdowns and the remote fitness boom. The at-home equipment resale market alone could cross $13 billion by 2027 according to Research & Markets data.

Profit Potential – Peloton bikes can easily sell for $700+, treadmills for $1,500+ and basic gear for $100-400 based on condition, features and brand prestige. Stellar photos are key.

Tips to Maximize Earnings: Highlight specs and dimensions prominently. Adjust pricing based on wear vs brand value. Ship equipment properly, releasing buyer funds post-delivery.

…Detailed Overviews On All 21 Items…

The resale market’s potential is truly monumental, spanning virtually every category from electronics and apparel to decor, instruments, cards and more.

By identifying the hottest opportunities, understanding buyer psychologies, marketing creatively and providing exceptional service, your odds of success are extremely high.

It just takes passion, dedication, financial prudence and the willingness to start small testing niche products. The rest you can learn through practice and guidance from experts like us!