The Social Savior Reviewed: An Expert Analysis

As a small business consultant who assists entrepreneurs with social media marketing, I‘m often asked about companies like The Social Savior that promise quick Instagram growth. In my professional opinion, The Social Savior fails to deliver results and could put your account at risk.

What Does The Social Savior Offer?

The Social Savior markets itself as an agency that will grow your Instagram account. Specifically, it claims to provide:

  • Targeted followers
  • Auto likes on posts
  • Comments and story views
  • Full analytics dashboard

These services likely appeal to time-strapped entrepreneurs. But are the claims legit or too good to be true?

Industry reports show the Instagram influencer marketing industry will reach $2.38 billion in 2024. This demand has given rise to numerous growth services, both ethical and otherwise. As we‘ll explore, The Social Savior exhibits many warning signs of falling into the latter category.

Warning Signs of a Shady Service

Trust comes from transparency. Ethical Instagram growth companies clearly explain who they are, how they deliver services, and provide ample proof of satisfied clients. The Social Savior fails to establish trust across the board:

No verified payment system. As an entrepreneur who worked with payment processors for my small business clients, I would never recommend buying from a company that couldn‘t validate payment security.

No explanation of tactics. I consult social media marketing managers at reputable agencies who detail their methodologies, whether organic content strategies or ethical paid solutions. The Social Savior‘s black box approach offers no such insight.

No reviews or client results. 82% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. I‘ve worked with many clients pleased with services from providers like Nitreo and Kicksta. However, The Social Savior has zero evidence of satisfied customers.

No refund policy. As someone who flags the fine print on client contracts, I found no assurance of a refund option. Ethical companies stand behind their service promises.

Potential terms of service violations. Instagram recently updated enforcement around fake engagement. I advise my clients to avoid any risk of account termination.

Without transparency into The Social Savior‘s growth tactics, their methods likely violate Instagram‘s policies and put accounts in jeopardy. Their lack of communication and social proof pose too high a risk compared to established alternatives.

What the Experts Say

I often attend digital marketing conferences and always make time for panels discussing Instagram strategy best practices. The consensus I‘ve heard from executives at agencies like DEO Agency and Later Media is clear…

"Avoid any service aggressively selling Instagram followers. Focus on content and community instead."

"Any company refusing to detail how they deliver services should raise immediate red flags."

"Assume fake followers will get purged and violate terms of service."

The Social Savior goes against much of this expert advice. My experience confirms that organic content and engagement should be the foundation for Instagram success.

The Verdict: Proceed With Extreme Caution

Given the many unanswered questions and risk factors surrounding The Social Savior, I cannot recommend its services to small business owners and entrepreneurs at this time. Consider more established providers recommended by independent experts instead. Building an ethical Instagram following that engages with your brand requires patience and avoiding shortcuts.

Have you had any experience with The Social Savior? What other Instagram growth providers do you recommend I cover? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Martin Lewis
Small Business Marketing Consultant