The Many Benefits of Professional Siding Installation for Your Business

Installing new siding can completely transform the look of your business and provide key protections. While DIY installation may seem cheaper, hiring professionals offers advantages that boost your bottom line. As a consultant for small and medium businesses, I‘ve seen firsthand how quality siding installation impacts success. Here‘s an in-depth look at the tangible benefits for your company.

Dramatically Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. According to a 2012 study, 93% of customers said a business‘s exterior design influences their perception of the company. Professional siding enhances aesthetic appeal and makes your business more inviting. Consider these statistics:

  • Color Matters: Properties with a new siding color change sold 7% faster than identical homes with unchanged siding.
  • Curb Appeal Matters: Buildings with "excellent" curb appeal sold 73% faster and for an average 7% higher price compared to "good" or "fair" curb appeal properties.

Properly installed siding also provides visual evidence of care and pride in your facilities. Well-maintained properties imply you likely also care about customer service.

Long-Lasting Materials and Correct Installation

Professional siding contractors are experts with materials like:

  • Vinyl siding – durable, low maintenance, and cost-efficient. Comes in various colors and styles.
  • Wood siding – natural beauty and insulation. Needs proper sealing and maintenance.
  • Fiber cement – mimics wood but resists cracking, impact damage, and decay.
  • Metal siding – very long lasting but prone to denting. Energy efficient.

They determine which options match your business needs and climate conditions. Proper installation is also key for longevity. Improperly installed siding can warp, separate, crack, and allow moisture damage. Professionals ensure no gaps or mistakes occur that will shorten your siding‘s lifespan.

Save Time with Professional Installation

DIY siding installation eats up valuable time for your staff. Professionals handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on work. Consider:

  • Siding installation takes 70+ hours for the average DIYer.
  • For professionals, expect 1-2 days for installation on a small building.
  • Some companies offer 24/7 installation services to prevent business disruptions.

Protection From Weather and Pests

Worn or damaged siding allows easy access for moisture, pests, and decay-causing mold. Replacing siding provides a protective barrier. New materials repel water and prevent termites, carpenter ants, and other pests from invading your building‘s structure. This avoids expensive structural repairs.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

Energy loss through old siding costs you money monthly. Updated materials enhance insulation and prevent drafts. For example:

  • New siding paired with insulation provides R-5 to R-6 energy efficiency.
  • This could cut heating/cooling costs by 20% or more.

Assurances Through Warranties and Insurance

Reputable siding companies offer:

  • Material warranties – Cover defects and fading for 5-50 years.
  • Workmanship warranties – Protect against installation flaws for 1-5 years.

Companies also carry General Liability and Worker‘s Compensation insurance. This protects your business if damage or injuries occur onsite.

If you move forward with siding installation, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check credentials – Verify licensing, insurance, and reviews.
  • Compare materials – Consider durability, insulation, and look.
  • Get multiple quotes – Compare pricing between companies.
  • Inspect work – Have regular check-ins during the project.
  • Understand the warranty – Know what‘s covered and duration.

As you can see, professional siding installation provides real benefits beyond just aesthetic improvements. Quality materials and proper installation save money over time and protect your valuable company assets. If your business is considering a siding upgrade, the investment offers lasting returns.