Should Small Businesses Use Tailwind App for Social Media? An In-Depth Review

As a consultant who assists small and medium businesses with their social media presence, I often get asked about tools like Tailwind App. With 76% of small businesses utilizing Instagram already, it has become a vital platform – but claiming a space can be difficult when you‘re focused on daily operations or production.

That‘s where Tailwind comes in: it‘s a specialized social media management app for Instagram and Pinterest designed to save time while fueling growth. But is it right for small business owners? I‘ll share an in-depth look at Tailwind‘s features, pros and cons, pricing, and alternatives to help you decide.

Tailwind‘s Offerings: More than Just Scheduling

Tailwind is often pitched as an easy post scheduling app, but its robust set of tools aims to have you doing less daily grunt work while getting better results from your content.

Specifically, it provides:

A Cohesive Brand Experience

  • Feed theme templates with filters help showcase products in an on-brand style. Over 50 aesthetically-pleasing designs available.
  • Image editor has text overlays, filters and editing tools to create polished graphics that reinforce visual branding.

Audience Targeting & Growth

  • Hashtag + caption recommendations are intelligently suggested based on niche and past top-performing posts. Hashtags are also organized by grouping so it’s easier to find relevant tags.
  • Post scheduling gets your content in front of your audience when they are most likely to engage.

Performance Insights

  • Post analytics offer insight into which types of content gets the most traction with your followers. You can see best times, most popular hashtags, top-performing filters, and more.

With engagement automation, comment growth tools, Pinterest management and more, Tailwind goes beyond the standard social media schedulers.

Over 50% of businesses have gained a customer from social media. With features like these optimizing your branding and reach, Tailwind aims to get your posts performing better so you can more efficiently turn followers into potential customers.

But balancing Tailwind’s pros and cons is important in determining if it meets a small business‘s distinct needs…

Weighing the Pros: Why Businesses Use Tailwind

More Growth in Less Time

According to one survey, 61% of small business owners have increased their brand visibility from social media efforts. But doing this yourself means dedicating unpaid hours to creating posts, finding hashtags and captions, designing graphics, tracking analytics, engaging followers, and more.

Tailwind consolidates the tasks to eliminate hours previously spent on manual posting and growth tactics. Features like suggested captions, automatically grouping niche hashtags, bulk editing, and one-click image filters accelerate the process.

You invest less unpaid work time while sustainably growing your organic reach and brand familiarity. One user went from 500 to over 10K Instagram followers in 2 years with Tailwind‘s automation.

Room for Creativity, Not Just Consistency

Maintaining an aesthetic feed with cohesive branding is vital for connecting with audiences and potential customers according to a 2022 report. But for artists, crafters, designers and creatives, sticking to rigid templates may hamper their unique personal style.

Tailwind seems to acknowledge this by having over 50 themed templates designers can choose from or simply use as inspiration while putting their own twist for on-brand consistency with room for originality.

Cost Savings Over Hiring & DIY Efforts

Hiring a dedicated social media staffer can be expensive for many solopreneurs and small teams. Yet doing everything completely in-house also means creators and owners devote countless unpaid hours to social marketing.

At just $9.99 a month, Tailwind provides an affordable middle-ground between hiring a SM specialist and struggling alone. You still handle content and creative direction, but features like suggested posts improve efficiency. Paying for these time-savings often is more cost-effective overall than doing social solo.

Examining the Cons: Limitations to Consider

Initial Learning Curve

Early user reviews indicate Tailwind‘s interface and terminologies aren‘t always intuitive for beginners. Some report struggling to grasp posting workflows or how certain features function at first.

There is likely a learning curve in the beginning as users get acquainted with Tailwind‘s unique tools and quirks. For busy business owners without much bandwidth, this initial ramp-up frustration may feel overwhelming. However, their customer support receives positive reviews for helpfulness.

Occasional Errors & Misses

Part of Tailwind’s value proposal lies in its use of automation and AI. Hashtag suggestions, engagement tools that automatically comment and tag posts, and other smart features run based on algorithms.

But algorithms aren’t foolproof. Users acknowledge the tech may occasionally miss the target – irrelevant hashtags or comments sometimes slip through. While likely rare, errors can happen with automation.

As social media becomes increasingly vital for brand visibility and acquiring customers, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs need solutions that simplify growth in a budget-conscious way.

For its affordable price point, Tailwind App offers small teams helpful automation and customization to strengthen branding and increase reach.

But weigh aspects like your available time investment and willingness to cope with occasional software hiccups. In the right circumstances, Tailwind provides outstanding value – yet alternative services may suit other business’s distinct needs and limitations better.