21 Incredibly Lucrative Summer Jobs for Teachers

As a teacher turned small business consultant helping educators monetize their skills over summer break, I‘ve explored dozens of rewarding opportunities for supplemental income aligned with teaching skillsets.

Whether you‘re looking to recover from classroom burnout or fund an upcoming vacation, summer offers abundant potential to leverage your talents.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide detailed advice on matching your strengths to the most financially and personally fulfilling summer jobs for teachers.

1. Virtual Tutoring – $25 to $100 per hour

Online tutoring presents flexible opportunities to employ existing teaching abilities in a personalized 1-on-1 environment. With platforms like Varsity Tutors and Wyzant, you can easily set availability around vacations.

Skills Required: Subject matter expertise, lesson planning, communication, patience

Income Potential: $30-$60 per hour on average

Getting Started: Create tutoring profiles highlighting your experience, ideal subjects/age groups and explain your teaching philosophy to attract students.

"Online tutoring allowed me to help students from around the country while tripled my teaching income over summer." - Linda T., High School Math Teacher 

2. Freelance Writing – $15 to $60 per hour

From lesson plans to online articles, teachers possess top-notch written communication abilities. Numerous websites need experts to create educational content related to your niche.

Skills Required: Research, technical writing, editing

Income Potential: $20-$50 per 500 words depending on publication

Getting Started: Build writing samples and a portfolio website to land initial clients on sites like Contena and Flexjobs.

3. Educational Consultant – $50 to $200 per hour

With insider insights into engaging students and implementing curriculums, experienced teachers are valued by test prep centers, EdTech companies, textbook publishers and learning platforms seeking to enhance offerings.

Skills Required: Curriculum/content development, testing strategies, classroom management

Income Potential: $75-$150 per hour for short-term projects

Getting Started: Create an Educational Consultant listing on sites like Fiverr and Wyzant, highlighting specialized expertise.

"Consulting allowed me to influence critical decisions on improving assessment methodologies for an rapidly growing EdTech startup this summer."

4. Lawn Care & Landscaping – $20 to $35 per hour

As service providers like LawnLove and GreenPal make it easier to launch landscaping businesses, summer presents a perfect time for teachers to maintain lawns and gardens while getting much-needed fresh air and exercise!

Skills Required: Gardening, physical ability, customer service
Income Potential: $15-$30 per hour + tips
Getting Started: Enroll with sites connecting home owners to background-checked local landscaping pros.

Over a dozen other lucrative and rejuvinating summer jobs for teachers ahead including online course creation, summer school teaching, translating, pet sitting and more!