Spotify Playlist Names: How to Choose the Perfect Title for Your Playlist

Creating the perfect Spotify playlist goes beyond just curating the right mix of songs. Naming your playlist is an artform that requires creativity, passion and understanding your audience. The title you choose sets the tone and creates an identity for your playlist that resonates with listeners.

Follow these tips to help craft memorable Spotify playlist names that will captivate audiences:

Draw Inspiration from Your Music

The songs themselves hold clues to ideal names. Listen closely to the mood, themes, genres or artists that the tracks have in common. Does your playlist have an overall aesthetic or remind you of a certain time or place? Use this as a springboard for brainstorming.

For example, a laidback indie folk playlist could be called "Rainy Day Reveries" or "Organic Originals." Let the music guide you.

Add a Touch of Humor

Infuse your title with a bit of lighthearted humor or playfulness. Funny playlist names grab attention and show you don‘t take things too seriously.

Some ideas for humorous titles:

  • "One-Hit Wonders & Guilty Pleasures"
  • "Sing it Loud & Proud: Shower Songs"
  • "Late Night Philosophy with Wine"

Get Creative with Puns

Puns and wordplay add a clever element when naming a themed playlist.

For a country music playlist, you could try:

  • "Boots, Beer & Twang Thangs"
  • "Sippin‘ Whiskey & Living Frisky"

Or for 90s hip hop:

  • "Beats & Rhymes & 90s Times"
  • "Retro Rap Jams Slam"

Incorporate Emojis 😄

Use emojis and symbols to add visual flair and convey the feeling of your playlist. Emojis help playlists stand out at a glance.

Some examples:

  • "Mellow ~Vibes Only~"
  • " Pump Up the 💪 Workout Playlist"
  • "Chill Beats to 😴 Study/Relax To"

Pick a Theme or Concept

Naming your playlist around a central topic, theme or idea helps communicate what listeners can expect.

Themes could include:

  • Occasions: "Road Trip Sing-Alongs"
  • Emotions: "Rage Release: Angry Breakup Songs"
  • Genres: "Country Gold: Classic Hits"
  • Activities: "Focus Flow: Instrumentals for Work"

Keep It Simple

Short and sweet titles are easy to remember and directly convey the mood. For instrumental background playlists, simple is best.


  • "Jazz Night"
  • "Peaceful Piano"
  • "Good Vibes"

Make It Personal

Give your playlist a unique identity by adding your own name or branding it around your tastes.

For instance:

  • "Jack‘s Jammin‘ Jazz"
  • "Alex‘s Sunny Day Mix"
  • "The Best of Boy Bands – Alisha‘s Picks"

Follow Naming Trends

Notice playlist titles that are trending on Spotify for inspiration. Include relevant hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday.

You could try:

  • "TBT Rewind: 90s Dance Hits"
  • "#FlashbackFriday 80s Smash Hits"

Preview It Before Sharing

Once you‘ve narrowed down your title options, preview how they look before publishing your playlist. Read them aloud and choose the one that pops.

Then enjoy sharing your newly named playlist with the world!