15 Best Spokeo Alternatives for Comprehensive Background Checks and Identity Verification in 2023

In today‘s digital world, we interact with people online more than ever before. Small business owners often need to verify identities, perform background checks, and monitor online reputations to make informed hiring decisions and prevent fraud. This is where people search platforms prove invaluable by aggregating data into detailed profiles.

Spokeo has been a popular choice, but several alternatives provide unique value depending on your needs. As a consultant dedicated to assisting small businesses, I’ve explored the top contenders to reveal the key differences. Join me as we dive into the 15 best Spokeo alternatives for identity verification and background checks.

A Snapshot of the Top 5 Spokeo Alternatives

Before we jump into the details, here‘s a high-level overview of five top contenders:

Summary table comparing top 5 Spokeo alternatives

As you‘ll see, platforms like BeenVerified offer a good balance of features and affordable pricing, while tools like Truthfinder provide more comprehensive details. Social Catfish, meanwhile, specializes in sniffing out fakes. Let‘s explore what each brings to the table.

1. Instant Checkmate – Comprehensive Background Reports

Instant Checkmate shines with its detailed background checks covering criminal records, contact information, aliases, traffic records, and more. With over 650 million public records in its database, Instant Checkmate provides small business owners the insights they need to assess candidates and avoid potential fraudsters.

79% of small business owners surveyed say they run background checks on prospective employees. Instant Checkmate makes it easy by consolidating records from sources like state repositories, courts, and corrections departments [1].

Key Features

  • Criminal records
  • Contact details
  • Traffic violations
  • Drug testing results
  • Bankruptcies and liens


$27.78 per month for unlimited reports

2. Social Catfish – Sniffing Out Fakes

While many people search sites focus on background screening, Social Catfish occupies a unique niche combating online misrepresentation. This makes it invaluable for identity verification.

Social Catfish exposes scam profiles on dating sites, social networks, and marketplaces. Its advanced image reverse search tags manipulated or stolen photos, protecting small businesses from deceptive fraudsters.

According to the FBI, romance scams cost victims $547 million in 2021 [2]. Social Catfish provides protection.

Key Features

  • Image reverse search
  • Fake profile investigations
  • Romance scam detection
  • Catfish IP search


$29 per month

3. BeenVerified – Robust Features Made Easy

Offering a balanced mix of essential people search features coupled with intuitive interface, BeenVerified positions itself as the people search tool "for the rest of us."

Small business owners can take advantage of BeenVerified‘s varied search options encompassing background checks, contact information, relatives, corporate records, and more – all via user-friendly dashboards requiring minimal training.

86% of BeenVerified searches yield positive identification, allowing small businesses to connect with old clients or perform due diligence on new hires [3].

Key Features

  • Background checks
  • Contact info
  • Relatives and associates
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile app


$22.86 per month

4. Truthfinder – Maximum Insights, Sleek Interface

Boasting over 1 billion public records and an elegantly designed interface, Truthfinder provides unparalleled insights on individuals accessible right from your smartphone.

Small business owners praise Truthfinder for providing not just standard info like addresses and aliases, but social media profiles, dark web activity, and hard-to-find criminal records from even small towns [4]. The sheer wealth of data enables fully informed hiring and fraud prevention.

Key Features

  • 1 billion+ public records
  • Social media integration
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Mobile app access


$28.05 per month

5. Intelius – Advanced Search Made Easy

Intelius makes it simple for small businesses to access its robust public records database encompassing criminal checks, contact details, relatives, and more.

With advanced search tools like reverse phone lookups and email address searches, Intelius provides unique ways to track down current contact info or verify identities. Small businesses can even customize full background report templates.

Key Features

  • Advanced searches like reverse phone lookup
  • Customizable background report builder
  • Relatives and associates info
  • Email address search


$24.86 per month

Beyond the top five, small business owners have several other excellent Spokeo alternatives to consider:

6. PeekYou – Social Media Focus

PeekYou‘s specialty in scouring social networks provides small businesses insight into candidates‘ digital footprints. Its Google integration reveals public posts and images candidates may have forgotten about.

7. Whitepages – Simple Contact Lookup

Whitepages no-frills interface makes finding contact details, previous addresses, and public records a breeze for small businesses.

8. PeopleFinders – Robust Free Option

PeopleFinders grants small businesses on tight budgets access to basic public data like names, ages, and past addresses entirely free. Paid plans unlock more records.

9. Radaris – Public Records Search

Radaris compiles billions of public records spanning addresses, criminal checks, bankruptcies, professional licenses, and more for deep background screening.

10. PeopleSearchNow – Contact Details Galore

PeopleSearchNow helps small businesses connect with lost contacts by aggregating phone numbers, email addresses, relatives‘ info, and other contact data.

11. ZabaSearch – Basic Free People Search

ZabaSearch offers a totally free people search, reverse phone lookup, and address directory for basic vetting needs.

12. PeopleLookup – No Login Required

PeopleLookup delivers quick background checks without needing an account. Small businesses can get results in just a name and city.

13. PublicRecordsNOW – Extensive Database

PublicRecordsNOW grants access to over 6.5 billion public records, criminal filings, addresses, and more within an easy-to-navigate interface.

14. PeopleFinders – Worldwide Search

PeopleFinders‘ global directory spans over 45 countries, allowing small businesses to vet international clients or employees abroad.

15. Intelligent Investigations – Due Diligence Automation

Intelligent Investigations automates due diligence with customized risk scoring, monitoring dashboards, and real-time alerts when changes occur.

With so many options for uncovering individuals‘ backgrounds and verifying identities, it‘s important to choose the right platform aligned to your business needs and constraints:

  • Features: Consider must-have capabilities like criminal record checks, contact details, online monitoring, etc.
  • Accuracy: More accurate and current data reduces risk of incorrect information.
  • Pricing: Monthly subscription fees vary, with some offering limited free searches.
  • Learning Curve: Seek intuitive interfaces requiring minimal training.
  • Scalability: Ensure the tool can grow with your expanding business over time.

According to surveys, 75% of people are fine with basic background checks during hiring, provided the information is accurate, timely, and relevant to the job [5]. While people search tools provide a wealth of insights, always evaluate information carefully for relevancy and security purposes.

When leveraging Spokeo or alternatives, always respect individual privacy and follow ethical protocols, including:

  • Only accessing personal information with legitimate business need
  • Confirming details through multiple sources when possible
  • Allowing candidates to explain any concerning findings
  • Avoiding searches that could enable discrimination based on protected classes
  • Providing opt-out mechanisms for any ongoing monitoring
  • Securing stored personal data against unauthorized access

In summary, people search platforms grant small businesses valuable visibility into prospective hires, vendors, and clients for informed relationship building. Leading Spokeo alternatives like BeenVerified, Instant Checkmate, and Truthfinder each offer robust capabilities to meet different needs. Carefully weigh the options to select the right platform for identity verification and background checks tailored to your business. But proceed ethically and legally.