Socinator Reviewed: Is this Social Media Tool Right for Small Businesses?

As a social media consultant with over a decade of experience helping small business owners succeed online, I often get asked my opinion on all-in-one tools like Socinator.

Socinator promises "easy automation" for social media marketing. But are these time-saving features worth it for SMBs just getting started on social? Or is the platform overkill for smaller brands?

In this detailed Socinator review, I‘ll break down exactly what the tool does, who it‘s for, its pros and cons, and whether it‘s the right pick for small and medium businesses looking to establish their social presence.

A Quick Primer: What is Socinator?

Socinator is a software platform that aims to automate social media marketing tasks like posting, engaging, and analyzing. It lets you manage multiple social profiles from one dashboard.

The tool supports scheduling content, following and unfollowing users, liking posts, sending bulk DMs, and running analytics reports across multiple networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

It markets itself as an "all-in-one" social media manager for businesses, agencies, and influencers. The focus is on automation and time-saving features.

Who is Socinator Best Suited For?

Based on working with hundreds of small business clients, I would say Socinator‘s target audience skews more towards the following:

  • Larger brands and agencies managing 50+ social accounts – The automation makes handling many profiles efficient.
  • Marketers focused on Facebook or Twitter – It supports sophisticated Scheduling and analytics for these platforms.
  • Users wanting general automation – The speed of auto-liking, commenting, following is the prime appeal.

For most small businesses just starting out on 1-5 social accounts, Socinator is often overkill. The interface has a steep learning curve and simpler tools like Hootsuite get the job done.

I always advise new social media managers to start manual first before automating. The hands-on approach gives you a better sense of connecting with your audience.

Key Features – Are They Valuable for SMBs?

Socinator packs a wide range of features into its platform. But how useful are each of these capabilities for a small business owner? Here‘s my breakdown:

Scheduling & Publishing

Usefulness: High – Scheduling content in advance saves time. Handy for small teams with limited resources.

Account Management

Usefulness: Medium – Unified inbox helps. But focusing on 1-2 networks is often smarter early on.


Usefulness: Low – Auto-liking and commenting often does more harm than good for small brands starting out. I advise caution here.

Analytics & Reporting

Usefulness: High – Solid analytics and insights you can act on. One of its stronger features.


Usefulness: Low – Most SMBs don‘t need a team workflow at their stage.

Social Listening & Inbox

Usefulness: Medium – Nice to have but not essential when starting out.

So in summary, the scheduling and analytics features deliver the most value. But the automation and collaboration tools won‘t provide as much benefit to early stage small businesses.

Socinator Pricing Breakdown

Socinator offers monthly plans ranging from $9.95 to $69.95 depending on the number of social accounts you want to manage:

Plan Price/Month # of Accounts
Starter $9.95 10 Accounts
Professional $29.95 70 Accounts
Business $49.95 200 Accounts
Enterprise $59.95 500 Accounts
Ultimate $69.95 Unlimited

For a small business just starting out, the Starter plan is likely the only option that makes sense.

But at $9.95/month, you‘re still paying a premium price for features that you likely won‘t fully utilize yet at your stage.

Many competitors like Hootsuite offer free plans for up to 3 social accounts. This allows you to get started and upgrade only once your needs justify the added costs.

So while the Starter plan is affordable, I would still advise most emerging brands to avoid paying anything until you have grown your audience and need more sophisticated tools.

The Verdict: Should Small Businesses Use Socinator?

While Socinator does offer helpful automation features, I don‘t recommend it as the right social media management solution for most small and medium businesses.

The reasons I advise caution:

  • Steep learning curve – Can slow your progress mastering social media. Start simple.
  • Risk of auto-banning – Too much automation can get accounts shut down.
  • Limitations with Instagram – Can‘t schedule Stories which are essential.
  • Lack of personal touch – Auto-commenting and messaging seem robotic.
  • Costly for starter accounts – Free options like Hootsuite work fine initially.

The platform makes more sense for established brands juggling 50+ profiles. But for SMB owners just getting started, I suggest focusing on 1-2 networks and organically building relationships with a hands-on approach.

Once you are ready to scale up, that is the time to reevaluate if and when you may need the automation capabilities a Socinator can provide.

I hope this insider look at Socinator from a small business perspective helps steer you in the right direction in your social media marketing journey! Let me know if you have any other questions.