Boosting Your Social Media Presence with SocialPlus: A Review

As a Small Business Consultant, Here is My Take

As a consultant who helps dozens of small and medium-sized businesses with their digital marketing strategies, I often get asked about the best ways to grow a social media presence. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are essential for reaching today‘s consumers, but organically building a large following can be difficult.

Services like SocialPlus promise shortcuts to social media growth through tactics like follower purchases, bot engagement, and spam promotions. However, based on my professional experience, these tactics do more harm than good. I always recommend safe, ethical strategies focused on genuine community building.

A Closer Look at SocialPlus

SocialPlus offers packages starting at $195 per month to automatically grow followers, likes, and engagement on Instagram and other platforms. The company promises fast follower growth, claiming you can gain 1,000 new followers per month.

However, the average organic Instagram follower growth rate is only about 5-10% per month. Gaining 1,000 new followers that quickly likely means fake or bot accounts, which can actually damage your brand authenticity.

While fast follower growth is tempting, my clients see the best long-term results investing in premium content production and community engagement. For example, one client doubled their followers through running giveaways and leveraging influencer partnerships.

Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Through years of consulting experience, I‘ve learned how to spot social media growth services that rely on fake engagement tactics. Here are some red flags with SocialPlus:

  • No case studies or examples of actual clients: I couldn‘t find any examples showing SocialPlus‘s past performance. This raises skepticism.
  • Too-good-to-be true claims: Promises of extreme follower growth often mean bot accounts and spam tactics.
  • No clear pricing: I had to contact SocialPlus directly to get pricing information, demonstrating a lack of transparency.
  • Lack of expertise: Checking the backgrounds of SocialPlus‘s team, I couldn‘t find much hard evidence of expertise growing brands through social media marketing.

Invest in Real Community Building

While risky services like SocialPlus offer shortcuts to vanity metrics like followers, views, and likes, real engagement comes from providing value to humans, not bots.

The small businesses I work with find social media success by:

  • Producing premium, inspiring content daily
  • Building relationships with fans and microinfluencers
  • Running creative contests, giveaways, surveys and special events
  • Leveraging fan generated content and user-first marketing
  • Testing and optimizing content to maximize reach and engagement

It takes more work upfront, but ultimately pays off in loyal brand advocates. If you need any help developing an authentic social media growth strategy for your business, don‘t hesitate to reach out! I offer free 30 minute consultations.