SocialMonk Review 2023: A Small Biz Perspective

Growing an audience on Instagram can transform small businesses – but unsafe growth tactics put that at risk. As an entrepreneurship consultant, I‘m often asked my thoughts on services like SocialMonk that promise quick Instagram expansions. In this comprehensive review, I‘ll break down SocialMonk‘s approach, provide examples of its past results, and offer my expert advice for any small business owners considering it.

A Brief Background

Founded in 2018, SocialMonk aims to help brands securely expand their number of real Instagram followers through engagement strategies instead of questionable bot services. With headquarters in Las Vegas, they promote a customizable approach focused on understanding each client‘s brand and goals.

Team & History

SocialMonk was started by long-time marketers Michael Brooks and Carl Ortell, who previously ran social media campaigns for ecommerce companies and B2B SaaS clients. They began offering Instagram-specific services to provide small businesses a transparent, low-risk alternative for growth compared to shady offshore bot farms.

The company has expanded to ~50 employees, including visual designers, copywriters, engagement specialists, data analysts, account managers and customer support reps – the majority being US-based.

Client Examples

While SocialMonk doesn‘t provide an exact client list, some brands featured as case studies span health/wellness, apparel/accessory shops, niche publishers, jewelry makers, and consumer service providers. Past clients range from under 1k followers initially to over 100k when starting.

Key Features & Services

SocialMonk focuses exclusively on manual engagement strategies to help brands build authentic audiences that engage with their content.

Targeted Outreach

Using relevant hashtags, locations, influencers and other analysis, SocialMonk identifies and connects with Instagram users genuinely interested in a client‘s niche and content style. This promotes real follower growth vs inflating vanity metrics with bots.

Account Management

Dedicated account managers personalize solutions for each brand built around their target customer, analyzed competitors, brand aesthetics, content messaging and more. Rather than one-size-fits-all, they customize who to target and strategies to attract them.

Content Optimization

From visual filters to caption tone to optimal posting cadence, account managers provide ongoing ideas for improving content. This leads to better discoverability, engagement rates, and conversions.

Analytics Reporting

Clients get access to a dashboard with follower demographics, engagement metrics, best posting times, top-performing content and more analytics. This supports data-driven decisions to refine Instagram approaches.

Starts at $349/mo with packages for all account sizes. Pay month-to-month or save ~20% on longer commitments.

Comparing The Competition

Before deciding on any Instagram growth service, it‘s instructive to see how SocialMonk compares against competitors specifically on crucial criteria:


SocialMonk aligns with mid-tier pricing but offers far more customization than low-budget services starting around $100/mo. Competitors with robust account management and hands-on Instagram expertise often charge 2X+ more.

Reputation & Reviews

Analyzing reputable business review sites, SocialMonk earns high marks for transparency, delivering promised results and responsive customer support. With an ‘Excellent‘ 4.8/5 rating on TrustPilot based on 500+ reviews, clients widely praise their services.

Safety & Compliance

By exclusively using legitimate engagement strategies, SocialMonk carries far less risk of Instagram penalty compared to bot/spam services. They know all tactics employed comply fully with Instagram‘s TOCs. Some competitors cut corners here, putting client accounts in danger.

*Data sourced from G2, TrustPilot, and SocialMonk client results; ratings as of March 2023

My Recommendation as a Consultant

I‘ve evaluated many services promising to expand Instagram followers. For most small businesses I advise, I do recommend considering SocialMonk if Instagram growth is a current priority. They offer an optimal balance of fast yet sustainable audience growth paired with accountability from real human account management.

However, any paid growth service needs adjusting expectations on projected results based on budgets, visual assets, content quality, niche dynamics, and more unique variables. There are never outright guarantees without clients doing their part – the key is finding a strategic partner to accelerate progress.

For young brands still identifying their voice, I suggest focusing energy on organic content that resonates before spending big on growth. And I always emphasize upholding integrity on social channels to maintain trust and engagement over the long-term.

Feel free to email me with any other questions!

Margaret S.
Founder, MJS Business Consulting • Serving Texas Entrepreneurs