Don‘t Waste Your Money on Social Packages‘ Fake Followers

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists small and medium businesses with social media growth, I‘ve seen the allure of supposed quick-fix services like Social Packages. However, I strongly advise against using these Instagram follower vendors. Their offerings do far more harm than good for your brand in the short and long run.

The Fake Engagement Problem

Social Packages, like many Instagram growth services, relies on bots and fake accounts to inflate followers and engagement metrics. According to a 2021 report, over 15% of worldwide Instagram accounts are fakes or spammers. Relying on an army of fake accounts and automated likes or comments is incredibly risky.

  • Fake followers don‘t actually view your content or engage further with your brand. They are solely a vanity metric.
  • Using bot services violates Instagram‘s terms of service and can get your account shadowbanned or deleted entirely.

As social media expert Jennifer Gander warns:

"Buying fake followers or engagement will ultimately sabotage your social media efforts. These ‘fake fans‘ hide your actual content reach and engagement rates from you, preventing you from making data-driven decisions."

Loss of Trust and Credibility

Studies show only 3% of consumers trust influencers and brands with fake looking followings. Audiences can easily spot bot-heavy engagement.

This fabricated popularity damages credibility and causes you to lose trust with real, potential customers. After an FTC crackdown in 2019, brands like L‘Oreal and Adidas lost millions of fake followers almost overnight.

So What Does Work?

Instead of choosing quick scheme services, I recommend focusing on proven organic growth strategies:

  • Optimizing your content – Make it visually appealing and engaging based on analytics of top-performing posts.
  • Using relevant hashtags– Properly research hashtags aligned with your niche. Participate in viral hashtag challenges.
  • Engaging your audience– Reply to comments, ask questions, and foster a community around your brand.
  • Collaborations and shoutouts – Work with aligned influencers and brands to expand your reach.
  • Leveraging Instagram ads – Create targeted promotions to reach new demographics.

Patience and consistency are key. While genuine growth takes more work upfront, you will reap the rewards of an authentic, trustworthy presence on Instagram. Don‘t take shortcuts with shady follower sellers – you‘ll only sabotage your brand‘s efforts. Contact me if you need any help getting started with an effective, sustainable Instagram strategy tailored for your small business!