Social Buddy Reviews 2023 & User Ratings ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️

As a small business consultant who assists entrepreneurs with social media marketing, I‘m often asked about services that promise fast and easy Instagram growth. One such service, Social Buddy, has been generating buzz among influencers and business owners. However, based on my in-depth analysis, I cannot recommend using Social Buddy.

What Does Social Buddy Offer?

Social Buddy markets itself as an "affordable and trustworthy Instagram growth service" that gets users more followers, likes, and comments. It claims to grow Instagram accounts organically by 10-50 followers per day using automated liking, commenting, follower searches, and hashtag targeting. For $99 per month, Social Buddy will run 24/7 to grow your account on autopilot.

At first glance, this may seem like an easy shortcut for anyone looking to quickly amass an Instagram following. However, the many red flags surrounding Social Buddy should give potential users pause.

An In-Depth Look at The Risks

While inexpensive growth and automation are tempting, Social Buddy poses several dangers:

Violating Instagram‘s Terms of Use

Instagram explicitly prohibits using automation, bots, and inauthentic engagement tactics to artificially grow an account. These practices violate Instagram‘s Terms of Use and often result in suspensions or bans.

Yet these are the very tactics Social Buddy relies on. Services like Social Buddy are against Instagram‘s guidelines.

Fake and Inactive Followers

Studies show that 60% of users gained through automation are fake accounts or bots. The rest tend to be inactive or ghost accounts from regions like Turkey, India, Brazil rather than your target demographic. This distorts key metrics like follower count.

Security Risks

To grow accounts via automation, apps like Social Buddy require users to provide their login credentials. This poses security risks, as dozens of growth services have had security breaches exposing user accounts and data. Handing over your password to a third-party service is extremely risky.

Declining Engagement Rates

Followers generated through automation do not engage with posts nearly as much as organic followers. One study found influencers with authentic followers had a 7.5% engagement rate, while those using automation had just a 1.7% rate. This drops accounts down in the Instagram algorithm.

Lack of Custom Targeting

Social Buddy only allows targeting a broad niche like "fitness" or "travel." There are no options to target specific demographics like women 25-34 in Los Angeles interested in yoga. This results in irrelevant followers.

No Email or Phone Support

The only way to contact Social Buddy for assistance is through an online form. For an important service access your account, the lack of direct email and phone support is concerning.

User Complaints of Little Growth

Checking sites like TrustPilot reveals many angry Social Buddy customers reporting little to no growth from the service. Some complain about losing followers or being locked out of their accounts.

The Verdict: Not Worth the Risk

After digging into Social Buddy, it becomes evident that this service poses far too many dangers to justify its use for the majority of Instagram account owners. The only real "benefit" is a vanity metric inflated with fake and ghost followers. Yet an account suspension, security breach, or engagement decline can devastate an Instagram marketing strategy.

For any entrepreneur, influencer, or brand concerned about long-term, stable Instagram growth, Social Buddy should be avoided. There are no real shortcuts here. Consistent high-quality content, engagement with fans, and utilizing Instagram‘s own tools like Reels are better paths to sustainable success. Protect your reputation and business – the risks of Social Buddy far outweigh any potential rewards.