Smartphone Usage Continues Record Growth: Key Stats and Trends for Small Businesses

As a consultant helping small businesses succeed, I closely track mobile usage and how it impacts marketing strategy. Smartphone adoption has hit record highs, transforming communication, commerce, and day-to-day life. Understanding the latest trends allows businesses to effectively engage this vital and growing demographic.

Smartphone Users Worldwide Approach 7 Billion

Smartphone usage statistics continue their relentless climb upwards:

  • 6.9 billion global smartphone users estimated in 2024
  • 7 billion expected by 2024
  • 4.2% annual growth rate projected

Driving this growth is rising standards of living globally and expanding middle classes, especially in developing nations. Smartphones are more accessible and affordable than ever.

Key Demographics: Young and Mobile

  • Over 80% of smartphone users are between 18-35
  • Almost 100% adoption rate among Gen Z
  • But older groups adopting quickly: 50% of 55+ will own smartphones in 2024

Younger millennials and Gen Z have never known life without mobile devices. But elder generations increasingly connect via smartphones later in life.

Top Smartphone Activities and Implications

Understanding how different groups utilize mobile devices offers insights for small businesses:


Messaging apps like WhatsApp see very high usage, especially internationally. Social media engagement is also predominantly mobile.

Opportunities: Targeted messaging and social ads, community engagement


  • 51% of users shop online via smartphones weekly
  • 55%+ of web traffic now comes from mobile

Opportunities: Optimized shopping experiences for mobile, integrated payment options


On average, users spend nearly 4 hours daily on smartphones, more than TV viewing. Games, music, videos consumed on the go.

Opportunities: Mobile ads, sponsorships, integrated streaming

Best Practices for Small Businesses

With mobile usage continuing its ascent, small businesses must focus on smartphone subscribers to thrive. Some tips:

  • Optimize sites and apps for mobile-first
  • Integrate messaging and payments into customer journeys
  • Personalize offers and messaging based on usage data
  • Test marketing messages across different platforms
  • Analyze traffic sources and engagement metrics

Understanding detailed smartphone trends allows small businesses to engage this vital modern demographic more effectively. With users globally approaching 7 billion in 2024, prioritizing mobile is key for future success.