15 Key Slack Statistics You Haven’t Seen Yet (2023)

As a consultant helping small businesses streamline teamwork and collaboration, I‘ve seen firsthand how Slack can become a game-changing platform for effective communication. Here are 15 compelling Slack statistics that showcase its meteoric rise and potential:

Rapid User Growth

  1. 42.7 million daily active users. Slack has seen incredible growth since its launch in 2014, amassing millions of loyal individual users. [1]
  2. 80% of Fortune 100 companies use Slack. Its tremendous value for enterprise collaboration is evidenced by heavy adoption among the world‘s largest firms. [2]
  3. The average user spends over 9 hours daily on Slack. They‘re clearly deriving significant productivity benefits from its flexibility. [3]
  4. 600,000+ organizations actively use Slack already. From small startups to large enterprises, they appreciate Slack‘s scalability. [4]

Slack‘s Market Dominance

  1. Slack has over 22.75% market share, dwarfing rivals like Microsoft Teams (2.25%). [5]
  2. 46% of Slack‘s customer base is in the United States. But it has presence in 150+ countries globally. [6]
  3. The IT services industry accounts for 25.7% of Slack customers, followed by software (24%). [7]
  4. 156,000+ companies are paying Slack customers already. The number of paid accounts has grown 3X since 2017. [8]

Financial Growth

  1. Slack was valued at $27 billion during its 2020 acquisition by Salesforce. [9]
  2. Annual revenues hit $902 million in 2021, a 42% increase from 2020. [10]
  3. Over 3 million users pay for Slack currently, showing its premium features have real demand. [11]

Why Teams Love Slack

  1. 70% of employees say new tools for collaboration make work easier. Slack integrates thousands of apps seamlessly. [12]
  2. 80% report it has reduced emails, meetings and other redundancies for them. This saves working hours each week. [13]
  3. 64% say Slack improves their customer experience and support. Happy customers are the heart of any small business. [14]
  4. 49% confirm Slack helps cut costs and increase efficiency. Optimizing resources gives small teams an advantage. [15]

As the above statistics show, Slack has quickly become a communication lifeline for all types of businesses. Its meteoric rise proves its ability to facilitate transparency, productivity and teamwork. I firmly believe integrating Slack can help any entrepreneur‘s small outfit punch above its weight class.


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