SimplyGram Reviewed: An Expert Consultant‘s In-Depth Analysis

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists small and medium-sized businesses with social media growth strategies, I‘m often asked about services like SimplyGram that promise quick and easy Instagram follower growth. In my experience, services that make bold claims of adding thousands of followers per month or use automation instead of engagement are rarely legitimate or effective long-term growth solutions.

In this detailed review, I‘ll share my insights on SimplyGram – how it works, risks associated with it, and why as a consultant I cannot advise entrepreneurs to use it.

How Does SimplyGram Allegedly Work?

SimplyGram claims to grow Instagram followers through a "Mother-Child" process. Essentially, the service sets up a network of connected accounts ("mothers" and "children") that target and engage with users in a specific niche via likes, comments, and follows. The idea is that by having these accounts interact with potential followers, it will entice them to check out the connected "mother" account and ultimately follow it.

However, there is little transparency into how these networks actually operate. According to my research, most networks that promise automated engagement utilize bot accounts, automation software, or purchase fake followers to inflate numbers. This raises red flags for the legitimacy of SimplyGram‘s practices.

Growth Rates Up to 5,000 Followers Per Month Seem Highly Suspicious

SimplyGram advertises extremely rapid growth, claiming accounts can gain up to 5,000 new followers per month. As an experienced consultant, I know numbers like this are unrealistic through ethical means. Gaining thousands of real, engaged followers monthly requires immense effort in creating content, engaging audiences, and building relationships.

For example, industry data shows average organic follower growth rates on Instagram are only 2.19% per month. For an account with 10,000 followers, that equals about 218 new followers monthly [1]. The outsized growth SimplyGram advertises is only feasible through automation, bots, or inorganic means, making claims highly dubious.

Violates Instagram‘s Terms – High Risk of Account Bans

One of the biggest appeals of SimplyGram is the automation and hands-off process. However, Instagram explicitly prohibits using automation or third-party apps to artificially grow follower counts. Violating these terms places accounts at high risk for deletion. I‘ve seen firsthand the detrimental impacts when clients have had accounts banned unexpectedly. It can ruin organic reach built up over years.

SimplyGram‘s lack of transparency around how they deliver such quick growth raises red flags. As a consultant, I steer clients away from any service engaging in prohibited tactics like automation or inauthentic activity. The dangers clearly outweigh the rewards.

Lack of Direct Support Concerning

Surprisingly for the prices charged, SimplyGram does not offer any direct communication channels like phone, email, or chat support. Users must submit a web form and await a response. This lack of real-time support means you‘re unable to get timely help if issues arise during campaigns. Given the shady practices, lack of direct assistance is quite concerning.

Fake Engagement & Followers Based on Reviews

While SimplyGram promises real followers, all signs point to their use of fake engagement and bot accounts. Numerous negative reviews complain of dismal account engagement after using the service. Many report losing followers soon after campaigns ended. This indicates the bulk of ‘followers‘ are inauthentic accounts used temporarily to inflate metrics.

In my experience, fake followers damage credibility and harm reach long-term when purged. Tactics focused on inflating vanity metrics ultimately do not support sustainable, organic business growth on social media. The risks vastly outweigh any perceived reward.

Ethical Instagram Growth Services I Recommend

Rather than risk account bans or use fake engagement, I recommend entrepreneurs focus on organic growth paired with transparent services, for example:

  • Kicksta – Offers targeted account management and expert growth strategies tailored to brands. Their practices adhere to Instagram‘s guidelines. Packages start at $49/mo.
  • Later – Provides powerful Instagram marketing tools to schedule and plan high-quality content. Pricing starts at $19/mo.
  • Ingramer – Manages promotions through their network of niche microinfluencers. Campaigns start at $29/mo.

These services can provide strategic assistance with real, human-driven growth and engagement. But as a consultant, I always advise clients: focused organic efforts through great content, engagement and leveraging brand advocates Ultimately, those will be the most effective ways to build an audience long-term.

Final Thoughts

SimplyGram makes big promises of quick, automated Instagram growth. But upon closer examination, tactics they likely use pose many dangers, from fake engagement to account bans. As an entrepreneurship consultant, I cannot advise businesses use high-risk services like SimplyGram when far better and safer options exist. Sustainable social media growth comes from engaging audiences, not gaming the system.