8 Side Hustle Ideas for Men to Make More Money in 2024

Launching a side hustle enables men to take control of their financial future while pursuing personal passions. And the flexibility of remote work makes now an ideal time to get started. This guide details 8 realistic side gigs covering diverse interests with strong income potential.

Why Men Need Side Hustles in 2024

Recent surveys show 77% of side hustlers utilizing the income to pay off debt or save extra money. This supplementary cash flow is invaluable given rising inflation and looming economic concerns.

But side hustles provide more than financial benefits. They present opportunities for men to:

  • Explore passions outside 9-5 jobs
  • Develop skills and expand capabilities
  • Boost resumes with diverse experiences
  • Lay foundations for full-time entrepreneurship

Balancing Priorities with a Side Hustle

Managing a side hustle alongside demanding personal and professional commitments can prove challenging without proper planning.

Effective Time Management Strategies

  • Block time for each obligation in calendar
  • Assign tasks priority levels based on income potential
  • Set firm work schedule with clear start and end times
  • Leverage focus timers to eliminate distractions
  • Leave buffer room for unexpected emergencies

8 Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas for Men

1. Freelance Writing

The global freelance writing industry is anticipated to grow to $20.6 billion by 2030. And 75% of companies will increase content marketing budgets in 2024 according to Semrush.

Writing about topics you’re knowledgeable and passionate about for blogs, magazines, businesses, and more provides flexible income. Expect to earn $20-50 per hour as you build portfolio.

Getting Started

  • Determine niche/topics to specialize in
  • Create writer website/portfolio samples
  • Reach out to relevant publications and clients
  • Expand network by guest posting and social media

2. Resume Writing Service

As a resume writer, you can charge $150-400 per document. With the average turnaround of 2-5 hours, this hourly rate outpaces many side hustles.

Help job seekers craft professional resumes optimized for ATS software through an online service advertized via social media and local partnerships.

Getting Started

  • Learn resume best practices and formatting guidelines
  • Create portfolio with sample documents
  • Design service website and offerings
  • Run LinkedIn/Facebook ads with promotions

3. Phone Case Customization

The global phone case market reached $134 billion in 2020 and continues expanding at a 4% CAGR. Customizing cases with original designs or client requests can tap into this demand.

Most customized cases sell between $20-50. Deducting raw materials, top designers earn over $35 per hour with rapid turnaround times.

Getting Started

  • Source case blanks and design tools
  • Experiment with designs, mediums, and techniques
  • Set up Etsy shop and Instagram to display designs
  • Attend local craft fairs and markets to sell in-person

4. Mobile Bartending

Bartending side gigs leverage mixology expertise for events and gatherings. As an independent mobile bartender, you provide convenient bar service at house parties, weddings, etc.

Expect to earn $150-300 per event over just a few hours. Some mobile bartenders charge $25-50 per hour.

Getting Started

  • Obtain liquor/mixology certifications
  • Purchase supplies – coolers,tools, glassware
  • Create menu with specialty cocktails and pricing
  • Partner with event venues to offer services

5. Airbnb Property Management

Managing an Airbnb rental property entails hosting guests and maintaining the home between visits. But average annual profits exceed $15,000 per property with relatively low effort.

Many managers simply coordinate check-ins/outs and handle cleaning/laundry just a few hours per week for 10-15% of the property’s revenue, equaling $30-50+ hourly.

Getting Started

  • Identify a suitable local or remote rental property
  • Work with owners to formalize rates/responsibilities
  • Setup listings on booking platforms
  • Install smart locks and home security systems

6. App Developer

The app development market is on pace to exceed $407 billion by 2026 as mobile usage continues rising. Offering cost-friendly development or consulting for local businesses presents major income potential.

Most small business apps can be built for $5,000-30,000. At $125 per hour for roughly 40-120 hours of total work, you earn an excellent side income applying programming knowledge.

Getting Started

  • Determine app development approach – native vs hybrid
  • Learn preferred framework like React Native or Flutter
  • Build portfolio – create free test app
  • Attend local networking events to connect with clients

7. Affiliate Marketing

Promoting products in exchange for commission requires no inventory or manufacturing. Income compounds quickly as site traffic scales, with top affiliate marketers earning over $500k per year.

Dedicated beginners can realistically generate $10,000+ annually through affiliate partnerships, social media growth, and search optimization tactics.

Getting Started

  • Research in-demand niches and buyer intent topics
  • Create site with product reviews and helpful content
  • Join popular affiliate networks like Amazon Associates or ShareASale
  • Share affiliate links on social platforms

8. Power Washing Service

A portable power washer opens business opportunities washing houses, commercial buildings, cars and more for $50-200 daily. Providing exteriors with renewed aesthetic appeal using a readily-available piece of equipment flexibly around your schedule creates fantastic income potential and a great entry level side hustle.

Getting Started

  • Obtain power washer (or rent initially)
  • Print flyers and promote to residences/businesses
  • Develop pricing plans – per project, hourly, etc.
  • Partner with contractors to offer complementary services

Final Thoughts

The versatility and fulfillment side hustles provide makes now the perfect time for men to pursue professional passions and financial goals. This guide outlined eight strategic side gigs to consider launching in 2024, from freelance writing to mobile bartending. With hard work and perseverance, building a thriving business alongside your career is an attainable feat.