31+ Amazing Side Gig Apps to Make Extra Cash in 2023

Side hustling has become a popular way for people to earn extra income and pursue their passions. According to an Intuit study, nearly 50% of U.S. workers have a side gig today. The gig economy is projected to grow to $455 billion by 2023, per Wonolo. With this rising demand, side gig apps have exploded, making it easier than ever to find flexible ways to earn.

Whether you‘re looking for a short-term hustle or want to grow a full-fledged business, side gig apps open up a world of money-making opportunities. As a small business consultant who has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in managing their side hustles, I‘ve compiled the top 31+ side gig apps to help you maximize your earning potential in 2023.

Highest Paying Side Gig Apps

The most popular side gig apps provide opportunities to earn a steady, lucrative income in your spare time. Apps like Uber, Lyft, and Instacart remain go-to choices for those looking to enter the flourishing gig economy.

App Avg Hourly Pay
Uber $14-23/hour
Lyft $15-25/hour
Instacart $15-22/hour
TaskRabbit $20-35/hour

*Data sourced from rideshare and delivery driver blogs and forums.

According to Uber, top drivers in busy areas can make over $70,000/year driving part-time. Lyft claims drivers can make an average of $45,000 annually. For Instacart, hourly pay often surpasses nearby supermarket cashier wages. Taskers on TaskRabbit can earn $40-$70K a year.

Best Apps For Different Side Gig Skill Sets

Beyond driving and delivery, side gig apps today cater to wide-ranging skillsets. Discover unique platforms tailored to your expertise.

Skill Top Apps
Writing Medium, Contently, Fiverr
Programming Gun.io, Toptal, Freelancer
Language Skills JustAnswer, VIPKid, Gengo
Photography Foap, EyeEm, Snapwire
Crafts Etsy, ArtFire, Dawanda

Solicit your writing prowess on Medium or Contently. Software engineers can tackle freelance projects on platforms like Gun.io. Foreign language speakers can teach English or translate documents through apps like VIPKid and Gengo.

Photographers have options like Foap, EyeEm, and Snapwire to sell their photos. Crafty types can peddle DIY creations on Etsy, ArtFire, and Dawanda.

Risks To Consider

While side gigs offer alluring income potential, they come with some risks to weigh:

  • Inconsistent earnings – Income fluctuations are common with gig work. Manage by diversifying your sources.
  • No benefits – You must arrange your own health insurance and retirement savings.
  • Self-employment taxes – Ensure you put aside 15-30% of earnings for taxes!
  • Business expenses – Track costs like gas, supplies, and mileage which can be deducted to lower your taxable income.

Creative Side Gig App Ideas

Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind side hustle? Try out a more imaginative gig:

  • Rent out parking spaces or driveways on apps like JustPark, Parklee, and YourParkingSpace.
  • Get paid $100-$200 per errand running simple tasks on apps like TaskEasy and EasyShift.
  • Teach a live online class in your specialty on platforms like Skillshare and Udemy.
  • Rent your truck out to local movers and contractors through apps like GoShare and Buddytruk.
  • sign up on SpareHire to provide businesses with temporary skilled support in HR, design, writing, and more.

Tips from a Side Hustle Consultant

As a consultant assisting side gig entrepreneurs, I have practical tips to share from experience:

  • Test out multiple apps first to determine which platforms align best with your goals.
  • Closely track your time, expenses, mileage, and income across apps. Calculate your true hourly earnings.
  • Set quarterly and annual income goals and re-evaluate underperforming gigs.
  • During slow periods, invest time into building your profile, reviews, skills, and business.
  • Before taxes, set aside 15-30% of each payout to avoid getting stuck with a big bill.
  • Dedicate time to networking and marketing yourself both online and within local communities.

Real Side Hustler Stories

Meet some real side gig entrepreneurs I‘ve helped advise:

Lisa P. leveraged her human resources skills into a side consulting business helping small businesses craft employee handbooks and optimize their hiring practices, earning $1000 extra a month.

Alex T. drives for Uber 10 hours a week while studying to become a real estate agent, pulling in $600+ weekly. He‘s on track to start his own agency in the next year.

Jasmine R. honed her social media manager skills into a freelance social media consulting and management business making $5k a month through Upwork clients.

Many successful full-time entrepreneurs start as side hustlers, perfecting their craft and building a customer base before taking the full-time plunge. With smart goal-setting and commitment, lucrative side gig apps can become so much more.

The Takeaway

In our evolving economy, side hustling is becoming a common path to financial freedom and career independence. With so many app options tailored to unique skills and interests, now is the time to find a side gig that excites you.

Track your time and earnings diligently, exceed customer expectations, and think big about where your hustle could grow. You might just be laying the foundations of a thriving career while earning income along the way.

Let the side gig economy work for you!