The Essential SaaS Guide for 2023

How Many SaaS Companies Currently Exist?

The SaaS industry has absolutely exploded over the past decade. Recent estimates pin the total number of SaaS companies globally between 30,000 to 72,000.

To put into perspective how massive that scale is:

  • In 2015 there were around 12,000 SaaS companies
  • By mid 2020, the number surpassed 36,000
  • In just the last 3 years there has been 100%+ growth

The exact counts vary widely based on research methodology. But multiple reliable sources agree we’re now firmly in the ~50,000 to ~70,000 range.

Breaking it down further…

The Productivity Tools & Collaboration market contains over 24,000 SaaS firms.

Customer Service Solutions are home to ~17,000 companies.

There are ~15,000 players within the Marketing Software segment.

To visualize the data:

SaaS Segment Estimated Companies
Productivity & Collaboration Apps 24,000+
Customer Service Solutions 17,000+
Marketing Software 15,000+

Now here is my projection as a small business entrepreneur:

The total number of SaaS companies will likely double again in the next 3-5 years. As more business functions shift to the cloud, there remains massive growth potential across nearly every industry.