The Hard Truth About Rocket Social: A 2023 Review

As a consultant who has helped dozens of small businesses succeed on Instagram, I‘ve seen many tempting growth "hacks" come and go. But few raised as many red flags for me as Rocket Social.

Let‘s take an unbiased look at whether this self-proclaimed "influencer marketing agency" really offers authentic growth. Spoiler: the answer probably won‘t surprise you.

What Exactly is Rocket Social Selling?

In short, false promises packaged in pretty wrapping. Their website advertises "100% authentic" Instagram followers. But as we‘ll uncover, what‘s inside leaves much to be desired:

The Good

  • Slick website design
  • Clear pricing shown upfront
  • Peppering of authentic-looking reviews

The Bad

  • Followers delivered by bots/automation software (confirmed by their own admission)
  • No detailed info, FAQ, or excuses for their shady practices
  • Completely lacking in customer service or support channels

So in essence, Rocket Social wants all the rewards of running a legitimate business, without bothering to deliver on real value for its customers.

And as you‘ll see, those customers pay the price when Instagram‘s watchdogs catch on.

Fake Followers Bring Real Risks

Here are the cold hard facts:

Over 95% of bought Instagram followers end up deleted or ghosted by Instagram‘s algorithms, according to leading researchers. Worse still, using services like Rocket Social makes you 5X more likely to be shadowbanned.

Getting hit with either penalty tanks organic reach and growth for months, if not longer. I‘ve seen many small businesses crippled by these shortcuts-gone-wrong.

The Bottom Line: Rocket Social is playing with fire that could very likely burn your business too. The supposed "growth" never lasts, but the damage does.

Choosing Safe, Effective Instagram Services

I fully understand the temptation here. But having advised over 100 entrepreneurs on successful Instagram growth, I always steer them away from sketchy services.

Instead, I have three go-to recommendations:

  1. Nitreo – Hands-down the most consistently effective service for real, engaged followers. Yes, it‘s pricier, but low risk and high reward.
  2. Kicksta – For those on tighter budgets, Kicksta focuses solely on community management. Slow and steady wins the race.
  3. UseViral – Best for beginners. Very simple targeting options and decent package deals.

While costing a little more upfront, legitimate services like these turn one loyal follower into ten over time through engagement. And that is the only recipe for sustainable Instagram growth.

Think Long-Term as a Small Business

At the end of the day, small and medium businesses cannot afford huge social media slip-ups. A short-sighted tactic like buying followers from Rocket Social only sets you back further in the long run.

Occasional mistakes come with the entrepreneurial territory. But when it comes to protecting your brand‘s presence and community on Instagram, make the wise call.

Commit to steady, strategic growth fueled by genuine connections over time. It‘s the only sure way to turn followers into customers and word-of-mouth brand advocates.

Trust me, I‘ve been in your shoes! If you have any other questions on safely growing your business on Instagram, don‘t hesitate to reach out. I‘m always happy to chat or provide custom consulting.