RiceGum‘s Net Worth and Career Earnings in 2023

As an influencer and musician with over 10 million YouTube subscribers at his peak, RiceGum amassed multi-million dollar net worth and income during his rapid rise to fame.

However, his earning potential has declined in recent years even as his net worth remains high.

Here‘s a deep dive into RiceGum‘s net worth and the sources of his wealth over the years.

RiceGum‘s Net Worth Stands at $8 Million

RiceGum‘s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million as of 2023, according to multiple net worth calculators and financial sites.

The vast majority of his net worth comes from his hugely popular YouTube channels and music catalog. Sponsorships, merch sales, and streaming also contribute revenue streams.

At his peak between 2016 and 2018, RiceGum‘s annual earnings regularly topped $2 million. But his income has since dropped.

Still, with over $8 million net worth accumulated already, RiceGum has earned enough to potentially never work another day in his life – all before turning 25.

YouTube Earnings Fueled Rise to Multi-Millionaire Status

YouTube ads are by far RiceGum‘s biggest source of income.

He earned his fortune by building three successful YouTube channels:

  • RiceGum – 10.1M subscribers, 2.18B views
  • RiceLive – 1.36M subscribers, 61M views
  • FamilyGum – 774K subscribers, 32M views

At his peak in 2017, RiceGum was gaining 8 million new subscribers and hundreds of millions of views annually.

Estimated YouTube revenue in 2017 alone:

  • $150k – $200k per month from ads = $1.8 million – $2.4 million
  • Plus sponsorships, merch sales, and other income sources

But RiceGum‘s YouTube dominance faded after 2017. His monthly views dropped over 90% from their peak of 187 million in December 2017.

While still profitable, his YouTube channels make only a fraction of what they used to.

Music Career Adds Millions in Streaming Revenue

In addition to YouTube ad revenue, RiceGum earned millions from music streaming royalties.

RiceGum‘s songs on Spotify have over 100 million streams. At Spotify‘s estimated $0.004 per stream rate, this equates to $400,000 in revenue.

His most popular tracks like "God Church" and "It‘s EveryNight Sis" went viral and elevated his fame beyond just YouTube.

Estimated Earnings from Other Sources

Here‘s a breakdown of RiceGum‘s estimated earnings from sponsorships, merchandise, and more:

  • Sponsorships: $400k+ from Mystery Brand deal in 2017
  • Merchandise: Unknown revenue from selling apparel
  • Twitch streaming: Up to $250k per year at peak
  • Investments: Likely has passive income from investments

RiceGum also participated in boxing and NFT projects. But these likely provided smaller or one-time payments vs ongoing revenue.

Controversies Damaged RiceGum‘s Earning Potential

At his peak, RiceGum was the poster child for capitalizing on controversy and diss tracks to gain fame.

But continuous controversies also took a toll on his reputation and long term career.

RiceGum faced backlash for "roasting" and bullying others, promoting gambling sites, and more.

These controversies made companies reluctant to sponsor him. They also turned away many fans in the long run.

RiceGum‘s Decline in Popularity Since 2017 Highs

Since hitting 9-10 million subscribers in 2017, RiceGum‘s channels have been shedding subscribers month after month.

He also drastically reduced his video output, uploading less than once per month versus weekly before.

RiceGum blamed burnout for his absence. But losing relevance with mainstream audiences also played a key role.

The rise of TikTok and fading diss track trend reduced demand for RiceGum‘s content style. His decline mirrors the life cycle of many viral stars.

RiceGum‘s Career Stands as a Case Study for Influencer Marketing

Regardless of his current state, RiceGum‘s career stands as a case study in capitalizing on controversy and drama to gain fame and fortune.

At his peak, he cracked the code for engineering viral moments. This allowed him to convert attention into millions in earnings.

But RiceGum‘s decline in relevance also shows the fleeting nature of internet fame. In the saturdated influencer market, continually reinventing oneself is a must.

For those looking to emulate his success, RiceGum provides many lessons – both good and bad – in crafting an influencer brand.