Why Oracle NetSuite is the Ideal ERP for Growing SMBs

Expanding from a scrappy startup to an efficiently-run business brings its share of growing pains. As the owner of a 10-year old manufacturers‘ representative agency serving the electronics industry, I‘ve lived through them all – spreadsheet chaos, siloed systems, and lack of visibility into operations.

What saved my business was implementing NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP platform. Here‘s why I believe it‘s the right fit for any high-growth small or mid-sized business (SMB) looking to scale new heights.

1. NetSuite helps SMBs "graduate" from makeshift systems

Most early-stage companies, including mine, use spreadsheets for managing pieces of the business. While they seem to work initially, data errors and version control issues creep in as you grow.

I Remember the messy order reconciliations every month between sales projections and inventory. As per [IDC research], 60% of SMBs rely on spreadsheets for financial management – a recipe for disaster!

NetSuite moves all core business operations to an integrated, cloud-based system running off a single database. With process automation, easy scaling, and anytime access, it lets you graduate to enterprise-grade infrastructure quickly.

SMBs using spreadsheets for financial management: 60%

NetSuite shields growing companies from outgrowing their systems too soon. No patching up disparate software or migrating data from legacy on-premise ERP solutions.

2. Optimized for the needs of specialty SMB verticals

NetSuite offers tailored solutions for businesses in software, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, media, and other verticals through add-on modules, dashboards and predefined reports.

For example, being a manufacturing agency ourselves, the WIP and Routings functionality has been invaluable in optimizing production and accuracy in job costing. Netsuite partners also build complementary solutions catering to micro-vertical needs.

3. Affordable pricing models for faster ROI

Here are the two most popular NetSuite pricing models for SMBs:

Subscription Pricing: Pay a monthly fee per user as you go. Scales up or down flexibly.

Stairway Pricing: Locked-in pricing tiers. Start with basic features, then add more seats and advanced capabilities over time.

As per [Nucleus Research], SMBs deploying NetSuite on average achieved payback in just 14 months, with 209% 5-year ROI – one of the highest among ERP products. Driving rapid growth while keeping costs in check is a win-win for any small business owner!

4. Seamless integration with existing CRM and other tools

After early success, we had invested substantially in a Salesforce-based CRM system for managing client relationships and sales growth. My initial hesitation was whether migrating to NetSuite would mean scrapping those legacy investments.

Thankfully, one of NetSuite‘s biggest strengths is its open API platform for integrating external applications. As per [G2 crowd], over 700 apps already plug into NetSuite, spanning CRMs, ecommerce, payroll, marketing automation, POS and more.

The integrations happen out-of-the-box without needing large IT projects or developer resources. NetSuite‘s native bi-directional integration with Salesforce, in particular, ensured our sales, service and finance data flows smoothly across both systems.

5. NetSuite partners provide end-to-end guidance and support

Despite my previous experience with IT implementations, installing an organization-wide business system felt daunting. NetSuite partners like [Solution Partners Name] came to our rescue.

Their team of certified consultants advised us through the entire process – from planning to pilot deployment to production rollout. They customized workflows, recommended add-on tools, mapped integrations, migrated data and trained our staff.

Years later, they still support us in updating configurations and scaling to new geographies. I doubt any in-house team could have executed such a complex project so flawlessly!

NetSuite lets growing SMBs punch above their weight

In summary, Oracle NetSuite enables aggressive SMBs to upgrade their operational infrastructure in line with soaring ambitions. Unlocked efficiencies, global expansion opportunities and data-driven decisions are just some of the ways it gives small businesses an enterprise-grade edge over the competition.

As someone who has lived through both sides of the chasm, I firmly believe graduating into NetSuite‘s capable hands is a growth rite of passage for any rapidly scaling business!