Printers for Rent: Tailoring Solutions to Your Business Needs

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know first-hand that efficiency and cost control are vital for small business success. When it comes to your printing capabilities, printer rentals provide a strategic way to optimize spending while gaining newfound agility.

Rental Benefits – Maximizing Savings and Productivity

Big Savings – Up to 30% Reduction in Total Costs

I‘ve helped clients save thousands per year in printing costs through right-sized printer rentals. By bundling equipment, maintenance, repairs and toner into one predictable payment, you gain cost visibility and control. For example, one client reduced their annual printing budget by $8,400 (28%) by switching to a managed printer rental plan.

Maintenance and Repair Support Included

58% of businesses report printer downtime from broken equipment each year. Printer rental contracts include preventative maintenance to minimize outages as well as next day repair commitments. This keeps your office productivity firing on all cylinders.

Regular Technology Upgrades

The average office printer is replaced every 6 years. Printer rental companies refresh their fleet every 3 years, allowing you to benefit from the latest advancements in print speeds, scan/fax capabilities and mobility functions.

Match Print Capacity to Business Needs

With seasonal spikes in printing or evolving business requirements, rental agreements provide unmatched flexibility. You can temporarily or permanently add equipment to match demand and reduce excess capacity during slower periods.

Key Evaluations Before Committing

Conduct an Assessment of Current Printing Habits

Take stock of your monthly printing volumes, pain points in document workflows, and where faster speeds or automation tools could aid productivity. This information ensures your rental package suits current and future printing needs.

Compare Total Cost Projections

While renting offers advantages for equipment flexibility, buying printers can provide better value depending on print volumes over the longer term. Benchmark monthly rental payments against a total cost of ownership model to determine where the breakeven point lies.

Vet Service Capabilities and Responsiveness

From my experience, clients who do diligence on service response times end up more satisfied long term. Test turnaround times on maintenance dispatches and repair calls before entering a long-term rental partnership.

Why Renting Alleviates Growing Pains

Cost-Conscious SMBs – Tight budgets make large printer-related capital expenditures difficult for SMBs. Rentals remove upfront acquisition costs while delivering enterprise-grade printing quality.

Expanding Companies – As headcounts and workloads fluctuate, rental agreements provide flexibility to scale printing capacity up or down to right-size for your needs and spending.

Project Teams – For short-term projects with specialized printing needs, renting enables your business to onboard capacity without acquiring specialized equipment with minimal long-term utility.

My Advice – An Agile Solution for Growth

In my experience guiding over 500 small business clients, printer rental plans enable organizations to flex with business demands while keeping costs in check. I recommend considering this strategic option that aligns printing capabilities with your evolving needs while reducing budget risk. Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance assessing rental providers or optimizing your office printing workflows.

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