The Ultimate Teen Worker‘s Guide: 21 Safe Places That Hire at 14

Turning 14 is an exciting step toward independence. You might start thinking about getting your first job to earn extra money. But at 14-15, safety should be the top priority in your job search.

As a former teen worker and current small business advisor, I‘ve created this definitive guide on safe, legal jobs that hire workers as young as 14. Beyond just a list of employers, you‘ll find real-world advice for setting yourself up for workplace success.

Let‘s get started!

Babysitting/Pet Sitting

Babysitting tops the list for being the quintessential "first job" for teens.eyond Just a List of Jobs, You‘ll Discover:

Pay range: $10-$20 per hour

Growth opportunities: As you demonstrate responsibility caring for young children, parents will offer referrals to friends needing reliable sitters. Repeat gigs build your brand! Future positions could include nanny, teacher‘s assistant, childcare worker, pediatric nurse, and more.

Key skills gained: Child development, communication, multitasking

Safety considerations: Background checks for sitters ensure children‘s security. Take precautions like locking doors, avoiding stove/oven use, and keeping your attention on kids at all times.

Pet sitting offers similar early job experiences, with the added fun of cuddling furry friends! Just be vigilant monitoring pets around roads, pools or other hazards.

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Lawn Care & Yard Work

Working outdoors in nice weather is a major perk of lawn care roles. Just be sure to use equipment safely, wear sun protection, and remain hydrated.

Pay range: $15 – $20 per hour

Growth opportunities: Build a neighborhood client list as your landscaping skills improve. Study horticulture to launch a full-scale yard maintenance business.

Key skills gained: Customer service, self-motivation, physical endurance

Safety considerations: Proper handling of sharp tools, chemicals, and avoiding heat exhaustion with breaks plus lots of liquids. Don‘t rush the job.

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With a solid academic record, tutoring provides the flexibility to set your schedule plus meaningful work helping other students succeed.

Pay range: $15 – $25 per hour

Growth opportunities: Tutor companies allow you to set hours while they handle client acquisition. Consider teaching summer school, college admissions essay editing or even penning study aids books!

Key skills gained: Communication, leadership, problem-solving

Safety considerations: Meet students in public spaces like libraries with adult supervision. Communicate schedules/plans with your parents too.

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Farm Work

Farms welcome seasonal helpers, providing quality mentorship for animal lovers and nature buffs.

Pay range: $10 – $15 per hour

Growth opportunities: Future veterinarian, biologist, park ranger or farmer roles build on early agricultural experiences.

Key skills gained: Livestock handling, botany, heavy machinery operation

Safety considerations: Caution when operating large equipment, using tools or near plots sprayed with chemicals. Know safety protocols for livestock handling too.

Retail Jobs

What retail lacks in glamour it makes up for with abundant entry-level openings well-suited for 14-15 year olds.

Pay range: $10 – $15 per hour

Growth opportunities: Shift leader, department head and store manager paths allow motivated mentees to advance the ranks into serious careers.

Key skills gained: Inventory management, merchandising, interacting with all personality types

Safety considerations: Stores ban dangerous equipment and chemicals from minor‘s access. Practice safe lifting, climbing ladders to stock high shelves and handling box cutters/boxcutters with care. Let managers address angry customers.

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Food Service Jobs

The fast pace and nonstop customer engagement of restaurants, coffee shops and fast food chains builds solid skills…once you grasp the routines.

Pay range: $10 – $15 per hour

Growth opportunities: Shift lead, kitchen manager and franchise ownership offer clear paths to advance from teen crew roles into serious careers.

Key skills gained: Speed, stamina, adaptability

Safety considerations: Slippery floors, hot ovens and grease splatters pose hazards. Focus on doing your singular task well vs. getting overwhelmed assisting others. Ask questions if you don‘t understand safe usage of any equipment.

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This classic summer job keeps you close to refreshing water while protecting swimmers. Just know it‘s more than just sun-tanning!

Pay range: $10 – $18 per hour

Growth opportunities: Lead guard, coach or instructor gigs often hire standout teens with a summer or two of vigilant scanning under their belt. The medical skills translate to nursing, EMT, athletic trainer and veterinarian roles later on.

Key skills gained: CPR / First aid certification, caution, emergency response

Safety considerations: Intense training and continual review of protocols ensures you can react correctly when health crises arise. Stay alert – checking phones or chatting compromises safety.

Camp Counselor

For teachers-in-training, coaching kids at summer camps builds serious cred come future internship and job application season.

Pay range: $10 – $15 per hour

Growth opportunities: Program coordinator, challenge course manager and camp director jobs often hire stellar former counselors. Classroom teaching, child psychology and recreation therapy draw from the same skillset.

Key skills gained: Public speaking, lesson planning, first aid

Safety considerations: Camps vet staffers‘ backgrounds thoroughly. Review activity guidelines to lead hiking, canoeing, ropes courses and other adventures safely. Stay vigilant supervising youngsters 24/7.

Movie Theater

Surrounded by popcorn and the big screen, theater jobs beat other customer service gigs for pure entertainment value.

Pay range: $9 – $15 per hour

Growth opportunities: Concession management, film programming/scheduling, PR and advertising careers build from the business side. Film/TV production, acting and hospitality management intersect too.

Key skills gained: Merchandising, inventory management, dealing with rushes

Safety considerations: Ensure proper safeguards are in place inspecting film equipment, changing reels, handling concessions equipment/oil and directing patrons entering/exiting crowded theaters. Support staff to address unruly guests.

Fitness Center

Enter an encouraging atmosphere guiding members‘ health journeys assisting at gyms and athletic clubs.

Pay range: $10-$15 per hour

Growth opportunities: Personal trainer, group instructor, program coordinator and wellness director roles hire top talent from the fitness floor. Sports medicine and physical therapy also tie in.

Key skills gained: Health/nutrition coaching, customer empathy, cleaning protocols

Safety considerations: Maintain equipment, watch for slipping hazards and follow pool sanitization procedures closely. Only spot members lifting extremely heavy weights per policy. Ensure ventilation to control spread of germs.

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Golf Courses

The sport of golf presents fantastic growth into hospitality, turf management and pro shop retail careers.

Pay range: $10 – $20 per hour

Growth opportunities: Grounds crew supervisor, clubhouse manager and hospitality director roles often promote from within. Attending university hospitality or agronomy programs unlocks additional advancement.

Key skills gained: Customer service, landscaping, inventory control

Safety considerations: Sun exposure, bug bites and soreness from repetitive movements pose risks. Use proper form lifting bags. Ensure adequate breaks plus hydration. Ask about pesticide usage/runoff protection protocols.


Transforming raw nature into breathtaking scenery takes vision, talent and hard work. Landscaping apprentices see impressive results beautifying gardens, patios and green spaces.

Pay range: $12 – $18 per hour

Growth opportunities: Construction foreman, botanical garden designer, greenhouse manager and municipal park planning jobs offer clear progression. Many seasoned landscape architects and contractors began mowing lawns or planting annuals in their early teens.

Key skills gained: Operating machinery, identifying plants/trimming techniques, collaborating with crews

Safety considerations: Protect skin and lungs from long exposure to fertilizers, fuels, and plant secretions. Utilize safety gear like goggles, gloves and respirators properly. Maintain equipment vigilantly to prevent injuries.

Starting your first job soon? Awesome! Beyond your actual duties, gaining real world job experience now builds the mindsets needed for career success after college.

Here’s what I wish someone told me on Day 1 about making stellar first impressions…

Highlight Your Strengths

Managers want reliable team players, not just robots to fill shifts. Show your:

  • Enthusiasm – Arrive energized and ready to contribute
  • Punctuality – Being early means being on time
  • Flexibility – Pitch in on unexpected tasks
  • Curiosity – Ask questions; avoid assumptions
  • Initiative – Look around; jump into assisting without being asked

Own Your Mistakes

When something goes wrong, speak up right away taking responsibility vs. hiding slip-ups. Managers respect accountability and want to help you improve.

Come Prepared

Bring essentials like non-slip shoes, gloves, hats and water to stay safe on the job site. Keep a small notebook handy to jot questions, capture feedback and organize tasks.

Make Friends

Having lunch or chatting briefly before/after shifts humanizes coworkers into friends, making the actual work more enjoyable. But avoid cliques that spread gossip or distract from duties.

Bringing your best attitude daily and applying these tips positions you for current and future job success!

Now that you know top places hiring at 14 and actionable advice to transition smoothly into the working world, which opportunity excites you most? The key is lining up 1-2 roles ideal for your skills and interests.

With this comprehensive guide‘s help assessing workplace safety factors, legal considerations, real pay rates and growth trajectories for various entry-level jobs, 14 and 15 year olds can confidently enter the job market.

I‘m rooting for your success gaining that first paycheck…then many more to come! Stay driven pursuing your professional passions. The working world holds boundless potential when you start early gaining hands-on experience.

Reach out anytime if you have questions along the career journey!


[Your name] Small Business Advisor & Former Teen Employee