The Top 10 OnlyFans Alternatives for Content Creators in 2023

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists small and medium-sized businesses, I‘ve seen many content creators flock to OnlyFans over the past few years. While OnlyFans exploded in popularity for its freedom and creator revenue potential, recent policy shifts have creators looking at alternatives to avoid platform censorship.

Through my work, research, and conversations with creators, I‘ve explored the top OnlyFans competitors. Here are the 10 best OnlyFans alternatives I recommend for creators in 2023.

1. Fanvue

Key Stats:

  • Over 100k users
  • Average model earns $200-500/month

Fanvue is one of the top newcomers aiming to be the best platform for content monetization. Based in the UK, Fanvue allows and supports all kinds of legal content, including adult material.


  • Will not ban adult content
  • Clean, easy to use interface
  • Lower 10-15% commissions for first year


  • Smaller userbase currently
  • Geo-blocking in some countries

Fanvue places the user experience first, before profits. Models I‘ve spoken to appreciate their attractive, intuitive site design and features. With instant withdrawals and 24/7 live support, Fanvue has won over creators looking for OnlyFans alternatives.

2. ManyVids

Key Stats:

  • Over 5 million monthly visits
  • Models earn on average $1,100/month

Known for being sex worker friendly, ManyVids allows all types of photo and video creators to monetize their content. ManyVids sets itself apart with multiple monetization avenues beyond just subscriptions.


  • Allows pay-per-view and tipping
  • Strong brand reach and discovery
  • High earning potential


  • 40% fee on individual video sales

On ManyVids, creators can sell access one-off rather than monthly subscriptions. There‘s also built-in storefronts for selling custom videos, merch, and more. ManyVids‘ high traffic and name recognition helps creators reach new fans.

Jill, a model on the site shares, "I earn way more selling custom videos on ManyVids. The large user base helps me get my content out there and grow my audience."

3. Unlockd

Key Stats:

  • Over 15k performers and 1M users
  • Models earn on average $300-500/month

Founded in 2020, Unlockd is a rapidly growing OnlyFans alternative. The site‘s focus on user experience provides a clean, engaging platform for creators.


  • Lower 15% commission rate
  • Clean, modern interface
  • Strong security protections


  • $100 minimum payout threshold
  • Smaller audience reach currently

Unlockd allows all kinds of legal content, with models in control of pricing. Unlockd also offers features like pay-per-view content, tipping, and messaging.

"I love Unlockd‘s modern vibe and layout. The lower 15% fee helps me earn more compared to OnlyFans." – Sarah, Unlockd model

4. iFans

Key Stats:

  • Over 5 million registered users
  • Models earn $500-5k+/month

While similar to OnlyFans, iFans differentiates itself through collaboration and referral features. iFans makes it easy to cross-promote with other models and share audiences.


  • Site-wide features for collaborating and sharing audiences
  • Strong established userbase
  • High earning potential for models


  • Referral program fees can be confusing

On iFans, models can tag each other in posts, livestream together, and share subscriber referrals. While you take a smaller cut of referred subscribers, the exposure can be well worth it. The large established audience also helps models quickly build a following.

"I doubled my subscriber count in my first two months on iFans thanks to collaborations with other models." – Aurora, iFans model

5. Flirtback

Key Stats:

  • Over 150k monthly visitors
  • Models earn on average $300-1k+/month

Flirtback differentiates itself through a messaging model rather than subscriptions. Instead of monthly fees, models earn by charging users for messages.


  • Can still sell photo/video content à la carte
  • Site promotion investments drive traffic
  • Engaging messaging model


  • 40% commission on messaging tokens
  • Less predictable revenue stream

The site also heavily promotes model profiles, investing their 40% commission cut back into advertising. While the revenue share is less per message, models can earn more overall thanks to the site promotion.

Flirtback provides a more interactive experience for users compared to subscription sites. The messaging focus makes it one of the more unique and engaging OnlyFans alternatives.

6. MYM

Key Stats:

  • Nearly 1M registered users
  • Models earn $300-1k+/month

MYM (Meet Your Model) bills itself as a "premium social media" platform. Users pay for exclusive behind-the-scenes access to their favorite creators‘ lives and content.


  • Caters to wider range of creators
  • Additional revenue from tips
  • Built-in marketing tools


  • 25% commission fee
  • Less specialized for adult creators

While inclusive to all types of creators, MYM carves a niche in adult content. Users can make special requests and models provide personalized content. MYM also automatically markets model content to fans.

The site‘s broader focus beyond just adult content makes it attractive for a wider range of creators. MYM presents a middle ground between OnlyFans and mainstream platforms.

7. FanCentro

Key Stats:

  • Over 4M monthly visitors
  • Models earn $500-5k+/month

Great for established adult models, FanCentro provides high earning potential. FanCentro stands out with tiered subscription levels, letting creators monetize content based on exclusivity.


  • Tiered subscription levels
  • Powerful audience reach
  • Strong features and support for adult models


  • Caters exclusively to adult content
  • Higher competition for model visibility

Creators can also run special promotions and easily turn posts into high-converting pay-per-view content. With a strong presence in adult content, FanCentro provides creators access to a large target audience.

"I earn over $4k a month on FanCentro. The site makes it easy to monetize and promote my exclusive content." – Jessica, FanCentro model

8. AdmireMe.VIP

Key Stats:

  • Database of over 150k models
  • Models earn $300-1k+/month

AdmireMe.VIP allows creators to monetize adult-themed profiles and content. As an OnlyFans alternative, AdmireMe supports explicit material and sex workers.


  • Adult content friendly
  • Keyword search for niche content
  • Active userbase and model community


  • Smaller site traffic than some competitors
  • Less name recognition

With search keywords and content categories, users can easily discover specific desired content. AdmireMe also facilitates a model community, with account rankings and networking options.

"I don‘t feel judged for my work on AdmireMe. I love the inclusive, sex positive environment." – Brooke, AdmireMe model

9. JustForFans (JFF)

Key Stats:

  • Database of over 100k models
  • Models earn on average $300-5k+/month

A major OnlyFans rival, JFF shares similarities but appeals more directly to adult content creators. JFF heavily caters to LGBTQ+ model communities.


  • Massive audience of paying users
  • Allows selling individual media
  • Supportive LGBTQ+ community


  • Higher 30% commission fee
  • Lacks some features like livestreaming

JFF enables models to sell not just subscriptions, but individual photo and video clips. There‘s also direct messaging capabilities to interact with fans.

The 30% fee is higher than some competitors. However, the vast audience reach makes up for the smaller individual payout percentages.

10. Patreon

Key Stats:

  • Over 8 million active users
  • Top creators earn $3k-30k+/month

While Patreon inspired OnlyFans, the two operate differently. Patreon caters more to mainstream creators with established followings.


  • Massive established user base
  • Name recognition and brand reputation
  • Low 5% commission tier


  • Explicit adult content prohibited
  • Expects existing audience
  • Additional payment processing fees

Rather than sexual content, Patreon focuses on everything from podcasters to artists and musicians. Patreon provides an additional revenue stream but expects creators to market themselves and bring their own communities.

Patreon offers a major platform for monetization, but its restrictions make other sites on this list better suited for adult content.

As your needs evolve, having OnlyFans alternatives to consider gives you options. Relying solely on one platform creates a risky single point of failure.

Consider testing out multiple sites to determine what works for your brand. The right fit comes down to factors like:

  • Creative freedom for the content you produce
  • Audience reach and engagement
  • Revenue share model
  • Features that support your monetization goals
  • Marketing opportunities and discovery
  • Technical capabilities and restraints

While OnlyFans leads the market, concerning policy shifts impact creators. But the top OnlyFans alternatives allow you to maintain control of your brand and income. Why limit yourself? Evaluate your options and get started on the best platforms for your needs.