The State of Blogging in 2024: A Small Business Perspective

As an entrepreneurship consultant focused on assisting and expanding small and medium-sized businesses, I am often asked about effective online marketing strategies. In particular, many entrepreneurs want to know: how viable is blogging in 2024?

While social media dominates the digital sphere, blogs remain a relevant, engaging medium for entrepreneurs across industries. In this comprehensive guide examining the latest blogging statistics and trends, we’ll explore key questions:

  • How many blogs exist today?
  • Who is reading blogs?
  • Can you still make money blogging?
  • What are the top blogging platforms?
  • How do you successfully start a business blog?

Let‘s dive in with a look at where blogging currently stands.

The Vitality of Blogs: Key Statistics

Far from being a fading fad, blogging is alive and well in 2024:

  • 600+ million blogs globally^[1]
  • 31.7 million bloggers in the United States^[2]
  • 70+ million WordPress blog posts monthly^[3]
  • 77% of internet users read blog content^[4]

Additional indicators demonstrate the continued prominence of blogging:

  • The U.S. averages 31.7 million bloggers^[2]
  • Microblogging site Tumblr hosts over 518 million blogs^[5]
  • 2.5+ billion blog posts go live every year^[6]

Blogging remains a popular medium reaching a wide swath of internet users. Entrepreneurs ignore it at their peril.

Blog Readership Demographics and Preferences

Understanding blog readership provides direction for entrepreneurs exploring blogging.

  • 77% of internet users read blogs^[4]
  • 26% of individuals aged 5-18 in the UK read blogs^[4]
  • Readers seek information, advice, entertainment, news, trends

Catering blog content to desired topics and formats heightens engagement and shares. Ultimately driving traffic and visibility for businesses.

Profitability of Blogging

Can bloggers still earn income in 2024? Absolutely.

  • 33% of bloggers earn no money^[7]
  • For others, income streams include:
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Display advertising
    • Selling own products/services
    • Sponsored content
  • Consistently delivering high-quality, engaging content is key for profit

While challenges exist, bloggers providing valuable content to a defined audience can realistically monetize their platform.

Leading Blogging Platforms

Top blogging platforms enable effortless content creation:

  • Wordpress: Used by 40% of bloggers given customization and SEO capabilities^[8]
  • Tumblr: Leader in microblogging with 518+ million blogs^[5]
  • Blogger: Google‘s simple, user-friendly blogging site
  • Medium: Robust writing community attracting amateur and professional writers
  • Wix: Website builder with blog functionality

When launching a blog, assessing platforms in terms of ease-of-use, functionality and audience alignment is critical.

A Guide to Starting a Profitable Blog

As blogging matures, best practices for effectively launching one evolve. Follow this start-up guide to kickstart a successful blog:

Choose a Profitable Niche and Audience

Identifying a specific niche and target reader base is vital to create content that resonates and attracts an invested audience. Conduct keyword research to determine profitable, underserved niches ripe for targeting.

Select an Appropriate Blogging Platform

Carefully weigh blogging platform options to find one fitting niche, brand, functionality and ease-of-use needs. Leading choices include self-hosted WordPress, Blogger, Medium and Wix.

Strategically Create Valuable Content

Consistently publish specialized content catering to reader needs and preferences. Share insights and perspectives unavailable elsewhere to cement yourself as an industry thought leader.

Adhering to these best practices positions entrepreneurs to reap the full benefits of blogging. For many, it remains a vital marketing tool in 2024 and beyond.

The Takeaway: Blogs Thrive for Small Businesses

In reviewing key statistics and trends, the data shows blogging is far from dead. 600 million+ blogs currently operate worldwide thanks to diverse monetization pathways.

For entrepreneurs, that means blogging remains a relevant, viable marketing tactic when done strategically. By delivering high-quality content catered to a well-defined audience, small businesses can drive brand visibility, recognition and lead generation.

In 2023, incorporate blogging within a holistic digital strategy focused on quality over quantity across channels. While platforms and algorithms constantly shift, informative blogs engage consumers and search engines alike.

Want to start a business blog? Need additional tips for maximizing marketing efforts? As an entrepreneurship consultant, I’m here to help small business owners succeed. Schedule a consult today to discuss how we can put insights like these into action to grow your company.