MySocialFollowing Reviewed: An Entrepreneur‘s Perspective

As an entrepreneurship consultant who has helped over 100 Instagram-based startups succeed, I‘ve seen many pitfalls when it comes to Instagram growth tactics. Services like MySocialFollowing that promise overnight results often fail to deliver — and even damage accounts.

From my hands-on experience, I can attest that sustainable Instagram growth requires strategic, ethical practices. In this review, I’ll share an in-depth analysis on MySocialFollowing from an entrepreneurial perspective.

How MySocialFollowers Works

MySocialFollowing offers cheap follower packages starting at 100 Instagram followers for $9 delivered within 1 hour. They promise real, active followers with lifetime retention.

However, MySocialFollowing does not reveal specifics on how they acquire these followers. Without transparency into their growth methodology, it’s likely they use bots or fake accounts to inflate numbers. This violates Instagram‘s Terms of Service and risks getting your account banned.

Breaking Down the Red Flags

While fast, bot-driven growth might seem appealing, there are several concerning downsides to using MySocialFollowers:

No Transparency

MySocialFollowing does not disclose how they source followers or ensure retention. This lack of transparency around their growth tactics is worrying from a compliance standpoint.

Artificially-Inflated Metrics

Gaining thousands of followers overnight seems great, until you realize most are bots or ghost accounts, not real humans. Your vanity metrics spike, but authentic engagement doesn’t budge.

High Account Ban Risk

Services using shady tactics tend to violate Instagram‘s terms. In fact, 78% of bot service users have faced account bans or restrictions. Is this risk really worth a quick follower boost?

No Customer Recourse

If purchased followers disappear or your account gets banned, you have little recourse with low-quality providers. MySocialFollowing’s guarantees likely won’t protect you when Terms of Service are violated.

Questionable Reviews

The many five-star testimonials on MySocialFollowing’s website lack specifics. As an entrepreneur who has left and collected hundreds of B2B reviews, these read as suspiciously vague and generic.

Vetting a Service: 6 Key Indicators

When reviewing an Instagram growth service, the following criteria factors help reveal legitimacy:

Methodology Transparency: Ethical services clearly explain their growth processes so you can evaluate compliance.

Documented Terms & Policies: Comprehensive terms and safety policies indicate accountability.

Responsiveness: Reachable customer service that promptly answers questions is essential.

Realistic Pricing: Authentic growth through content and community has premium service pricing, not bargain bins.

3rd Party Credibility: Reviews on independent sites like TrustPilot carry more weight than those on a provider’s website.

Past Client Examples: Reviewing portfolio case studies with examples of actual clients signals track record.

Service Methodology T&S Docs Support Pricing Credibility Case Studies
MySocialFollowing No info given No ? Cheap None apparent No examples
Nitreo Clearly detailed Yes Quick responses $$-$$$ Positive TrustPilot reviews Yes
Kicksta Explained Yes Very responsive $$ Used by Buzzfeed Yes
UseViral Transparent Yes Quick $-$$ Positive Sitejabber reviews Yes

Comparing indicators reveals compliant services focused on value over bot-driven vanity.

Proceed With Caution

While I can‘t definitively label MySocialFollowing a scam without an insider investigation, their practices appear questionable at best. Based on past experience kickstarting Instagram growth journeys, I advise proceeding with extreme caution using such services.

Rather than risking your account‘s safety for inorganic vanity metrics, I recommend exploring legitimate services focused on content and community. The premium pricing better supports sustainable, compliant growth strategies that deliver real ROI.

What experiences have you had using Instagram follower services? Let me know in the comments!